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Saturday, August 12, 2017

I stopped the ridiculous Catholic Hour Radio show hosted by the dolt - Fr. Joseph Noonan to present the previous post.

I should have continued.

He then goes on to spread the RIDICULOUS nonsense that National Socialist German was mass murdering Jews and, according to this idiot - more Catholics were killed than Jews!

His source?

THE SOVIET UNION!  This priest is a freakin' MORON!

He then goes on to quote the International Red Cross which supposedly said that 600 thousand Jews were "killed" during the war - the REALITY is that the Red Cross said that approximately 600 thousand Jews DIED - that is different than KILLED!

Note that he does not say that the Red Cross reported on how many Catholics were "killed"!

Then his guest claims that Pius XII supposedly wrote a letter that got a bunch of Catholics killed and that this is why he went quiet regarding Germany!

Hmmm - Pope Pius XII knew that Catholics were murdered with every condemnation against Communism - yet he did not refrain from condemning Communism - THINK

Consider the fact that Pope Pius XII lived until 1958!  NEVER once did he condemn a "holocaust", accuse the "Nazi's" of mass murdering anyone, nor did he excommunicate a SINGLE "nazi" leader!  THINK ABOUT IT!

Pope Pius XII had over 10 years after the fall of National Socialist Germany to condemn it - YET HE NEVER ONCE DID - in fact...

Pope Pius XII allowed a Requiem Mass to be said for Adolf Hitler, he allowed a Mass to be said for Hitler on the anniversary of his death in Spain that was WIDELY publicized  - this was done yearly from 1946 until the Vatican II apostates took over!

Then that idiot woman from Oregon spreads the ridiculous lie that Hitler was actually a jew - the stupidity of these people is beyond belief!

Fr. Joseph Noonan has been made aware of these facts - but REFUSES to state it.  I can personally testify to the FACT that this cowardly priest told me on the phone that he could never discuss Hitler and the TRUTH about WWII on his show because he would be run off the air.


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