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Saturday, August 12, 2017

I honestly don't know why I still scan through the ridiculous radio shows by Fr. Joseph Noonan, his protege, and the silly women guests.  (Maybe after being deceived and foolish for so long, it is interesting to listen to this stupidity from a different angle)

But on this latest show Fr. Joseph and "brother" Anthony discuss anti-pope Francis supposedly slapping the hand of Donald Trump when Trump supposedly was "playing with his hand" during a press photo shoot.

When they said this I found it hard to believe, and my instincts were correct.

This video was faked for the late night comedy shows and since Fr. Joseph Noonan and his protege have a combined IQ of 60, they could not figure this out!

Just look at Trump's sleeve before the close up and during it - his white shirt cuff is not at all visible in the actual shot, but almost two inches are visible in the closeup!

Not that I trust snopes, but they clearly show what common sense should dictate to any reasonably intelligent person...

Hard to believe that people trust their salvation to men so easily deceived and unable to discern simple truth from bovine excrement!

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