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Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Millions of Africans" will flood Europe unless it acts now, warns European chief, as Paris evacuates huge migrant camp

Europe is "underestimating" the scale and severity of the migration crisis and "millions of Africans" will flood the continent in the next five years unless urgent action is taken, a senior European official has warned.
The dire prediction from Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, came as Paris evacuated almost 3,000 migrants sleeping rough from a makeshift camp near the city centre - the 34th such evacuation in two years.
In an interview with Il Messagero newspaper, Mr Tajani said there would be an exodus "of biblical proportions that would be impossible to stop if we don't confront the problem now".

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is what Hitler fought so desperately.  He know of this plan and educated the German people of it.   Hitler stalled the plan, but since the defeat of Christian Europe in WWII, this plan has taken shape and through gradualism it has reached its day of implementation.  

Dennis Wise is doing his best to warn the world with his excellent documentaries:
Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told
New World Order, Communism by the Backdoor
The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (a work in progress)

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