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Saturday, June 10, 2017

VIDEO: When The Church Had Spine! Fr. Coughlin on Communism & Jews

The context here is critical. This was the late 1930’s, when Jewish leaders were spewing an irrational hatred and lies of the German people, while pushing America to the brink of a world war. It is impossible to watch this without wishing we had a Christian leader today with even a fraction of Father Coughlin’s spine.

Unfortunately, as we all know, the Novus Ordo "catholic" Church is not the Catholic Church and is under the control of Jews and they dupes the Freemasons.

Worse yet, most "traditional" groups are also total cowards and afraid to tell the truth about the Jews and what is happening in the world.

Granted some may not know the truth and the extent of it, especially how WWII plays into all of this, but some do know the truth and are complete cowards and afraid to publicly say anything about it.

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