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Friday, June 23, 2017

If you have not seen the Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer - it is WELL WORTH the watch.

This case(s) clearly illustrate why, if you are ever accused of a serious crime you should NEVER talk to the police without an attorney.

If you are unfamiliar with the case here is a very short summary.

Steven Avery was accused, tried and convicted of a rape that he did not commit back in the 1980's. He spent 15 years in prison and was later proven innocent.  There was absolute proof that Manitowoc County Sheriff's office framed him and Avery won a 30 million dollar lawsuit against them.

Shortly before the payout of this lawsuit a young woman goes missing and Avery and his mentally handicapped teenage nephew are accused of murdering her.

The evidence is CLEAR that they were framed, yet they were both convicted of her murder and are in prison today.

Brandon Dasey, the teenage mentally handicapped nephew just had his conviction overturned by the 7th Circuit Court of Wisconsin - here is what this court had to say:

BD's confession "a litany of inconsistencies" says 7th Cir. The State' s story makes no sense.

excerpt from their findings:

7th Cir. says even State has "trouble" retelling BD's story bc it is so ridiculous.

 excerpt from their findings:

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