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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dietrich Eckart was the founder of the German Workers Party - The (DAP) and was of great influence to Adolf Hitler, who later turned the German Workers Party into the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP).

Many try to claim that Eckart was a pagan and racist - this is imply not true - here is an interesting quote from Eckart:

"I am a Catholic, Dr. Wirth, and precisely for this reason I refuse most decisively to allow you, in your un-Catholic shallowness, to abuse the name of Catholic."

Dietrich Eckart to Center Party Leader Joseph Wirth
September, 1921

He even signed many "letters to the editor" of various newspapers: "Dietrich Eckart, Catholic"

The more I research the more I find that National Socialism was thoroughly Roman Catholic and those today who attack it are, as Eckart said: "un-Catholic, shallow, and not worthy of the name Catholic"  Including Priests like the idiot Fr. Joseph Noonan who knows full well what the truth is, but willfully hides it!

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