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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A glimpse inside a small schismatic cult.

Let all who read these words be
aware that their attendance at the
Masses of even valid priests who are
not in union with this bishop (Bishop
Louis Vezelis, OFM), Bishop Giles
Butler, OFM or with Bishop
Madrigal are not only contributing to
their own eternal damnation but are
not receiving any supernatural fruit
from the outrageous deception of
those who are outside the Body of Christ.

Bishop Louis Vezelis March 2010 The Seraph

This was posted on the blog of one of the members of this schismatic sect.

I am ashamed to admit that I was duped by this sect for many years.  I believe I suffered from a form of cognitive dissonance as described below:

Looking back now I can clearly see how foolish I was.  The bizarre behavior of the clergy in this organization, not the least of which was a Bishop who took a vow of poverty owning giant screen TVs, hundreds of extremely expensive birds, literally truckloads of model railroad toys, most in unopened boxes, and very expensive collectible "knick knacks".  He even blew a gasket when an elderly woman who volunteered to help clean the pigsty he lived in dropped one, to the point of making this woman feel horrible.

That all aside, the theology of this sect is absurd.  Who gave Bishop Louis Vezelis the right to claim ordinary jurisdiction over all Catholics on the planet?  Who gave him the right to demand that all Catholic clergy be obedient to him?

Of course, like all cult leaders, he had an answer to this.   He claimed that there were no other valid bishops that were not heretics.  A convenient claim,  but absolutely false and of little relevance.

The Church supplies jurisdiction to her Clergy.  Think of the days of Henry VIII and his illegitimate daughter Queen Elizabeth.  The Clergy of England who remained faithful to the Church were in most cases administering the Sacraments while not "being under" any Bishop, because the bishops were either apostate heretics or were killed.  The priests still offered valid Masses and Sacraments because the Church supplied them with jurisdiction. 

The supreme law of the Church is the Salvation of Souls not the pumping up of this or that Bishop!

The Vezelis cult is schismatic because they claim that they are the sole clergy left in the Church and reject any clergy or laymen which will not bow before them.  

Bishop Butler, Vezelis' protege recently said to more than one person that he is not sure of Bishop Madrigal, stating that he is beginning to think he is part of the "Latin is lovely club" and not "truly Catholic".  

So the only Bishop that this sect recognizes who was not part of their little seminary and Vezelis sect appears to be on the verge of being declared "anathema" by these schismatics - and why?  Apparently because Bishop Madrigal has a large group of Catholics that he minsters to while the Vezelis sect has a tiny collection of mostly odd & low IQ people.

What is most hysterical is that while these men demand all other Clergy submit to them, the reality is they are ruled by silly unintelligent women that they are terrified of!

            the supreme Pontiff               The hypocritical Pharisee                        the enforcer

                                                   the unfortunate reality of this sect

Btw - some of us for years tried to correct this and held out high hopes for Bishop Butler, but those hopes were of no avail.  

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