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Thursday, May 25, 2017

subtle difference...

if you are a listener to the "CatholicFaithRadioHour" - you may recall that on every episode during the Presidency of Obama, they prayed for his conversion.  Note that since his boy Trump got in, they no longer pray for the conversion of the President (at least in the episodes that I heard).  This would imply that Fr. Noonan thinks that Trump is not in need of conversion - would it not?  Odd, that a man who is not Catholic, been "married" multiple times, and has said that he is honored that his daughter abandoned Christ and that is grandchildren from her will be raised as unbaptized Jews does not need conversion in the eyes of Noonan.

This is what happens when overwhelming pride and arrogance overcomes a Priest and he puts politics ahead of God and the truth!  If you doubt the overwhelming pride and arrogance - just listen to last weeks episode in which Noonan multiple times says things to the effect of; "people don't get it, but we do"  Yea - you get it alright, at about the level of a third grader.  Islam is our greatest enemy he says - LOL - better go read the Bible and open you eyes to the bullshit you believe and dish out on your show!

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