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Monday, May 29, 2017

Fr. Joseph Noonan under Bishop Giles Bulter has on his recent radio broadcast stated not only that Trump is on the side of God in the war against good and evil, but dared to claim that Melania Trump is a Catholic and that her announcement of being "catholic" gave him great hope.

While she was in Rome visiting with the most wicked anti-pope in history, Melania Trump announced that she was "catholic" and Fr. Joseph thinks that she is brave for making this announcement and that this gives him great hope for things to come!

Melania Trump "married" Donald Trump after an adulterous affair with him, not to mention that he was "married" twice before her!  This woman has posed nude and in lesbian themed photos - but she gives great hope to Fr. Joseph Noonan!

HE IS WICKED AND EVIL - nobody is that stupid!  One has to assume that Bishop Giles Butler is also evil and wicked for allowing this priest to publicly say the things he says!

here is the woman that Fr. Joseph Noonan dares to call a Catholic and who gives him great hope for America!

btw, these are the least obscene photos that illustrate the point of what this woman is!

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