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Monday, May 15, 2017

Divine Providence:

As many who follow my blog know, I have recently faced the reality that the Franciscan Friars of Rochester, NY are a schismatic cult like sect that God has led me away from.

I have been very disappointed with myself that I was so gullible for so many years.  I think part of my reluctance to open my eyes fully was the fear that there was nowhere to receive the Sacraments (this was instilled by the false teachings of this cult like sect on the validity of Holy Orders).  But, God made it so clear by exposing the lies, bizarre teachings and actions of the clergy of this group that I could no longer keep my eyes closed or make excuses for them.

Well, as Divine Providence would have it, things have fallen into place amazingly well.  We now have a young Priest who comes to my hometown and offers the Mass at least one Sunday or weekday a month and Bishop Dolan (not the heretic novus ordo "bishop" Dolan) has even named our little mission - the St. Joseph of Arimathea Mission (due to the fact that the Mass is offered in a funeral home chapel).  I have also been informed that there is a family about 45 minutes away that will be attending Mass with us at our little mission.  I am very much looking forward to meeting them.

One of my adult sons who has not been attending Mass for over a year is now coming every time Mass is offered.

All things work for the good of those who love God.  Trust in God and follow the truth wherever it may lead you, for the Truth - is God!

here is a link to the bulletin where our little missions is first referenced by the name of St. Joseph of Arimathea:

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