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Monday, May 15, 2017

A rant about Dennis Wise and his documentaries...

Dennis Wise is the creator of Adolf Hitler, the Greatest Story Never Told, New World Order, Communism by the Backdoor, and is currently working on his third documentary, The Secret Masonic Victory of WWII.

These documentaries are "undebunkable" and loaded with documentation.  To date, there has been not one attempt to debunk these documentaries, despite the fact that they are being viewed by tens of millions of people world wide.

At one point, The Greatest Story Never Told was the 6th most popular documentary in Germany and the 30th in the World out of over 11,000 titles!  (for exact numbers and rankings see source - IMDB)

This being said, I am amazed by the fact that so many "truthers" completely ignore these documentaries.  The following people who claim to be exposing the New World Order, the Freemasons, the Jews, the enemies of the Catholic Church, etc... are COMPLETELY silent regarding these amazing and ground breaking documentaries:

Alex Jones, David Duke, David Icke, George Noory, Fr. Joseph Noonan (Catholichour radio), Most Holy Family Monastery (goofy Dimond brothers), Paul Joseph Watson, Jim Marrs, Institute for Historical Review (Mark Weber), Novus Ordo Watch, etc...

ALL SILENT on these films.  Why would that be?

For me, what has happened in the Church, the European and USA governments, and society as a whole has been like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Years ago I was able to fit many of the pieces together, but the missing pieces always puzzled me and never allowed it all to come into a clear focus.

Dennis Wise found the missing pieces and put it all together in his excellent films.

These "truthers" who ignore these films are promoting the lies that keep us enslaved.

They do this by keeping your mind enslaved by the New World Order system.  By deceiving you into thinking your vote matters and who wins this or that election makes a difference, they enslave you and keep the truth from you.

Our salvation is dependent upon our Faith, or what we believe.  It is imperative that we believe the truth, but to believe the truth, we must know the truth!

This is why Satan and his dupes do all that is in their power to keep the truth from you.  To willingly ignore the truth is to willingly ignore Jesus Christ, Who said, "I am the Way, the TRUTH, an the Life!"

Jesus Christ IS TRUTH!  Think about this!

All truth is of God and all lies, even those of omission are of Satan!

Many of the Saints who were imprisoned or enslaved have said that in heart and mind they were free.  The reason that they were free was because in their mind and will the embraced God, who is TRUTH.

Ignorant people will say things like, what does history matter? or, I cannot do anything about it anyhow, so what does it matter what I believe or know about this or that?

Think about how ignorant such statements are?

By knowing the truth, at least you can be truly free in your mind and soul!

By willfully ignoring the truth, or by thinking that the truth does not matter, you are a slave to Satan!

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