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Saturday, April 08, 2017

U.S. Strike in Syria: Israel Lauds Trump for 'Setting Example for Free World'

Later Friday Pence called Netanyahu to thank him for Israel's support for U.S action in Syria; Netanyahu said he hopes the United States' message is heard not just in Damascus but also in Tehran and Pyongyang.

 Israel praised the U.S. on Friday for striking an Assad regime military base in response to the chemical weapons attack launched on Syrian citizens earlier this week.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office released a statement saying President Trump sent a strong message that the use and distribution of chemical weapons won't be tolerated.
The Prime Minister's Office added that Israel hopes Trump's powerful message against Assad's government will be heard not only in Damascus, but also in Tehran, Pyongyang "and elsewhere."

Later in the evening, Vice President Mike Pence called Netanyahu to thank Israel in Trump's name for its support for U.S. actions in Syria, a statement by the Prime Minister's office said. Pence also briefed Netanyahu about the strikes' details.
In their call, Netanyahu stressed the need to prevent the proliferation and usage of chemical arms, the statement said.

President Reuven Rivlin joined the praise, stating that "in the face of terrible use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians, the Trump  administration and U.S. Army's determined actions are an appropriate and worthy reaction."

The Satanic State of Israel sings its praise for Trump!  And some morons still think Trump is good for America!

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