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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This video does a great job showing how the talking heads like Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, etc... sold you out!

Not only did those guys sell you out, but if you followed these characters, they threw you under the bus as well:

Fr. Joseph Noonan (top) host of the Catholic Hour Radio show and his Bishop, Bishop Giles Butler (bottom) have both sold you out.

Fr. Joseph Noonan has been promoting Trump ad nauseam on his radio show and, along with Bishop Giles Butler, publicly stated that it was ok to vote for Trump because he was the lesser of the two evils (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump).

In typical Vatican II style double speak, on the said radio show - Bishop Giles began by rightly stating that it was always morally wrong to choose the lesser of two evils and that a Catholic is never justified in doing this, but then, a few minutes later, quotes some pre-vatican II Bishop who wrote that it was morally acceptable to choose the more worthy of two candidates.  This statement was then used by both Bishop Giles Butler and Fr. Joseph Noonan to publicly state that it was not only ok for Catholics to vote for Trump, but also implied that they were morally obligated to vote for him!

This is wrong on so many levels that it is hard to begin.  Suffice to say that there is a VAST difference between not being worthy of a particular office and being EVIL!  A candidate may not be worthy of an office because he or she is not experienced enough, not intelligent enough, or wrong on a non-moral issue, etc... - this is ENTIRELY different than a candidate like Trump who supports abortion (he is not 100% pro life), supports same sex marriage and homosexuality (stating it is decided and settled law), supports the evil state of Israel, etc...  Both Bishop Giles and Fr. Noonan argued with me that "less worthy" and "evil" mean the same thing - ABSURD!

The reality is that the same course the USA is headed would have happened no matter which puppet candidate was elected (Clinton or Trump) and voting is just a waste of time and in reality makes no difference at all.

But, we must remember, that God judges us by our intent in a given action, not necessarily the outcome of the action.  So, the outcome of voting for Trump vs Hillary is the same, the intent of voting for either one of these two wicked candidates was to support a candidate that is completely anti-catholic and supports moral evils.  Both candidates support moral evils!

These two brown robed hypocrites will answer to God for their pride and deceptive tactics that are leading people to support evil men!

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