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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Katyn Massacre

Tens of thousands of Polish officers were secretly executed in the USSR during World War 2. The German occupying forces reported the first. mass grave, in the village of Katyn in 1943, but Moscow only admitted to the killings in 1990. Dina Newman speaks to the son of one of the murdered officers, Waclaw Gasiorowski. Photo: Gasiorowski family in Warsaw in 1936. Credit: family archive

From 1943 until 1990, the United States lied to the American people and blamed the massacre of the Polish Officers on National Socialist Germany, knowing FULL WELL that it was the Soviets who committed this horrific crime!

French wartime newsreel report on the Katyn massacre of thousands of Polish officers by the Soviets. From a "France actualité" newsreel of 1943, which made use of German-supplied film footage. Runtime: 2:17 mins. While people in France, Germany and other European countries were told the truth about the atrocity, US officials made sure that Americans were kept in ignorance. In keeping with Allied wartime policy and propaganda, US officials and the American mass media blamed Germans for the killings.

Do not be deceived by thinking that your government will not lie to you.  The United States is Israel's bitch, it is a nation founded by Freemasons with the illusion of freedom and being a "christian" nation.

It never was

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