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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Pre-Vatican II information on Supplied Jurisdiction that completely refutes the teachings of Bishop Louis Vezelis and Bishop Giles Butler.

Supplied Jurisdiction According To Canon 209

by Fr. Francis Sigismund Misaskiewicz

Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, 1940.

Catholic University of America. Canon law studies ; no. 122
J.C.D. Catholic University of America 1940.


CLEMENT V. BASTNAGEL, J.U.D. Censor Deputatus. 


WILLIAM CARDINAL O’CONNELL Archiepiscopus Bostoniensis. Boston, May 9, 1940

This book shows clearly that in times of common error, such as the times we live in, Jurisdiction is supplied by the Church to the clergy (Priests AND Bishops) for the good of the faithful.  It clearly illustrates the anti-catholic absurdity of a Bishop thinking he can claim ordinary jurisdiction for himself and assign himself a diocese and then demand all follow and obey him and him alone!

The book is available online at:

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The bottom line is that by separating themselves from all other Catholics and illegally and illegitimately demanding that all Catholics, both clergy and laymen submit to their self appointed authority by virtue of their false claim to ordinary jurisdiction, Bishop's Vezelis and Butler have proven to be a schismatic cult like sect.  

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