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Friday, March 03, 2017

Some readers of this blog may have missed this comment on one of my posts about Adolf Hitler and I think the question is valid and deserves more attention than I initially gave it.

Here is the question initially asked by "Sancta Cecelia":

"If he (Hitler) was such a good man, why did he invade Czechoslovakia?"

I gave a brief answer to this question because I did not have time to go deeper into it.

Here is my answer:

Like Danzig, there were ethnic Germans living in Czechoslovakia, 3 million! These Germans were known as the Sudeten Germans and were horribly persecuted in Czechoslovakia. Germany wanted the Sudetenland (which was German) as part of the German Reich and the Sudeten wanted this as well. Czechoslovakia was Communist and Hitler knew full well the threat to Europe and the world that communism posed.

I would like to add that Czechoslovakia refused to honor the Munich Pact, which is why Hitler invaded and took the Sudetanland, which was German to begin with and was only taken from Germany as part of the wicked Treaty of Versailles, a treaty which eventually lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people!

In the video clip below starting at around the 11:38 minute mark, the situation of Czechoslovakia is presented:

For more detailed information - this History website goes into more detail:

It is a difficult pill to swallow, but we have been lied to our entire lives!

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