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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Small martyrdom like situations that are preparing us for the coming of the anti-Christ and the actual martyrdoms to follow.

In the society we live in today we are almost daily presented with opportunities to put our Faith first.

We have the obvious liberalism that is so rampant, the pro-homosexual agenda, the pro-abortion agenda, the pro-adultery, etc...  It is relatively easy for most of us to stand firm against liberals and liberalism.  It is almost in our nature to stand against this.

But what of "conservatives"?  Do we stand firm for our Faith when our favorite politician is going against the Faith?

How about when a "conservative" politician goes directly against Church teaching on the rights of labor to form unions and collectively bargain?  Do we put our Faith or our politics first?  Are we willing to stand up to all who go contrary to the Church, even when our favorite political leader or  the clergy goes contrary?

What of when our choice for "president" is an adulterer that is "married" three times?  Did not St. John the Baptist willingly put his head on the chopping block rather than recognize an immoral adulterous leader?

What would the Saints & Martyrs have thought of a President who says he is "honored" that his daughter has abandoned Christ and converted to Judaism?  What would they think when he says he is proud that his grandchildren are Jewish and will not be baptized or come to know Christ?

Would they have supported this man?  Would they have encouraged others to support this man?

Would they have completely minimized these evils and said, "at least he is better than the other candidate"?

If a Catholic, be he a clergy member or a layman cannot stand for the Faith in such small worldly matters how will he survive the coming anti-Christ?  Will such a person even recognize him when he appears?

NEVER COMPRISE THE FAITH - even it if means losing friends, family, and stepping away form illicit clergy and Sacraments.

The Faith must always come first, otherwise we are no different than the Novus Ordo and Protestant heretics that surround us.

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