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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Signs you are in a cult and how they applied to me...

Here are some universally recognized sings of a cult taken from various sources:

1.  It's leader is self appointed, messianic, and not accountable:  

Like a Catholic bishop who claims universal ordinary jurisdiction and that he is the only bishop left on the planet, hence not accountable to anyone but himself!

2. It forms an elitist totalitarian society.

Like a little group of odd people who claim that they are the only "true" Catholics left on the planet!

3. Nobody questions authority.  

Even when the clergy do and say some of the strangest and clearly unchristian things, it is not questioned.  When the clergy do things like moving the Parish 40 miles away from where it was the center for the majority of it's members.  When it's founder and leader, who has taken a vow of poverty owns tens of thousands of dollars of toy trains because he likes model railroads. 

4.  If one dares to question authority, they are excommunicated and "shunned". 

Like banning people from the Sacraments and excommunicating them for daring to speak the truth or question authority

5.  The religion is esoteric (secretive).  

Like accusations being made, but never revealing who is behind the accusations.  Like not revealing church collections or revenue.  Like never explaining completely irrational decisions and actions, etc.

6. Dishonoring or dividing the family unit. 

Like separating a mother from her children and supporting a drunken father in divorcing his legitimate wife and abandoning his children.

7. Small cliques control the cult and are the enforcers of the leaders.

This should be obvious to anyone who has ever had to deal with the coven of women in Wisconsin.

None of these things apply to the true Catholic Church!

I still cannot believe that I allowed myself to live in denial for so long.

I think it was because upon finding this Parish and seeing the Latin Mass for the first time in my life and seeing the window dressing of the true Catholic Church, I fell into dismissing things that were clearly wrong.

When I first came upon this parish, some of the things they claimed seemed unbelievable, (mostly about the novus ordo) but they turned out to be true and I think at some point, I just started believing everything they said and did not delve deeply into it.

Over the years many things seemed odd or wrong, but I always dismissed them as "human error", but when it got to the point of excommunication and banning of people from the Sacraments for no justifiable reason, along with the Bishop flippantly threatening to close the parishes in Wisconsin - I awoke and put it all together.

Do not be deceived, there are other valid Bishops and Clergy that hold the true Catholic Faith.

This little cult of Franciscans are schismatic in that they have completely separated themselves from all other Catholics and hence the Sacraments that they administer, while valid, are illicit.  This fact can be clearly seen by the words of our Lord:

"By their fruits you shall know them."

Think and pray about these words of our Lord.

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