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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Oldest-ever fossils show life existed on Earth at its infancy - study

Ancient fossils discovered in Canada are “direct evidence” that life existed on Earth 4 billion years ago, scientists wrote in a newly-released study, believing the emergence of life could be simple enough to begin on other planets.
Researchers believe the microfossils – discovered in Canada's Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt, which hosts some of the oldest sedimentary rocks known on Earth – are between 3.77 billion and 4.29 billion years old.
The discovery has led scientists to believe that life was present during the infancy of the planet, which is thought to be around 4.57 billion years old.
If the dating is accurate, it would represent an “almost instantaneous emergence of life” after ocean formation, lead author Matthew Dodd said, as quoted by Reuters...

A few things struck me in this article.  Note the age claim of the sedimentary rocks, (between 3.77 billion and 4.29 billion years old).  That is a variation of over 500 million years!

The fact is, there is no way to determine the age of a rock.  These arrogant "scientists" make all sorts of assumptions and then base their age determinations on that.  Most of it is based on erosion levels and stratus layering, which are both off by billions of years if one does not account for the mass erosion and stratus layering that would occur almost overnight as a result of Noah's flood.  We say evidence of how fast these things occur with the eruption of Mt. St. Helen's in the 1980's.  Geographic features that resulted from that catastrophic eruption would have been assumed to have occurred over millions of years, had we not known they literally happened in seconds!

One thing is interesting is that even their erroneous methods illustrate that life and the earth came into being almost instantaneously, just as Genesis says.

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