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Friday, March 24, 2017

Not that this really matters, but the Society of Saint Pius X, which is today a heretical organization was legally founded within the Church and it did begin as a Seminary. 

(the reason I say, "not that it matters", is because whether or not the SSPX was validly founded has no bearing at all on whether or not Archbishop Levebvre is a valid Bishop and his subsequent ordinations and consecrations are valid.  This nonsense about SSPX  not being validly founded is used when the illogical nonsense about Lefebvre not being a valid Priest/Bishop is exposed for the bovine excrement that it is.  It is like protestants bouncing back and forth ie: they deny a given dogma of the Faith, you prove them wrong and they then bring up a different dogma that they deny, they then go back to the first dogma that they denied, etc.)

Here is the document where the  the local ordinary of the diocese where Archbishop Lefebvre first opened a house of studies in Fribourg, Switzerland (where the seminarians were attending the still-conservative diocesan University of Fribourg) gave authorization. 

Here is Fribourg's bishop's approval of the SSPX's Statutes composed by Archbishop Lefebvre, and thus permission to erect the Priestly Society of St. Pius X as a pious union of priests in the diocese, originally for an experimental period as is customary with newly-established religious congregations.

Here is the canonical approval from the Holy See (the Congregation of the Clergy) for the erection of the Society of St. Pius X. This permanently established the pious union of priests founded by Archbishop Lefebvre as an official religious congregation of the Roman Catholic Church.

Beware of the Vezelis/Butler deceptions.  The most dangerous lies are the ones that contain the most truth.   

Cult leaders want you to "hang your star" on them and to "bet your salvation" on everything they say and if you dare to call them out on errors or out right lies - look out!

If you hold firm in the truth against a cult leader, who knows, they may have police remove you from their "church" or ban you from the Sacraments, or worse yet, flippantly tell numerous people that you will just close the Parish because the people do not deserve the Sacraments.  

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