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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Love it when liberals are confronted with logic:

Actually, liberalism is a lie, and I love it whenever lies and illogical thinking are confronted and exposed.

For example, Bishop Louis Vezelis and Bishop Giles Butler make the claim that Archbishop Lefebvre was doubtfully ordained a priest because Cardinal Lienart, the Bishop who ordained him, was supposedly a Freemason, even though this claim is based entirely (directly and indirectly) on one book that uses an anonymous source to make the claim!

I say "indirectly" as well, because it was due to this book, that the Catholic periodical Chiesa Viva, No. 51, March, 1976 ran an article entitled "Il Cardinale Achille LiĆ©nart era Massone" which had a photo of Archbishop Lienart in his normal clerical garb and underneath that photo was a photo of an entrance to a Masonic Temple.  The article was based entirely on the book that made all these claims quoting the unnamed source.  It was this photo that Archbishop Lefevre saw and was later confused about thinking that it was a photo of Lienart in masonic attire - PURE HEARSAY nonsense.

But back to lies and illogical thought.

Bishop Giles and Vezelis doubt Lefebvre's ordination because he was ordained by a supposed  Freemason who hates the church.

Bishop Louis Vezelis was ordained by a one: 

Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger who was a leading liberal force at the Second Vatican Council,  

He supported religious liberty at the Council.  

He was one of the Council Fathers who, in a speech delivered on 29 October 1964 concerning the document later promulgated as the Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Gaudium et Spes, raised the question of a possible change in the Church's teaching on birth control. In the same speech, he urged that the document place more emphasis on conjugal love as an end or purpose of marriage.

To Cardinal Leger the Vatican II declaration on Jews was all-important. The Canadian cardinal called it a necessary act of the Church’s renewal. He labeled unfortunate the fact that it is not stated explicitly that the Jewish people were not guilty of deicide. 

Consider the following:

"In 1991, Canadian Cardinal Eduard Gagnon who was an advisor to both Pope Paul VI and John Paul II on the true nature of Freemasonry stated unambiguously 'Anglo-Masonry is no less anti-religious than the French [Grand-Orient] version... it is obvious that the attitude is very anti-Catholic.' (30 DAYS, April 1991)
Cardinal Gagnon included some revealing experiences in his 30 DAYS interview. 'Let me relate one of the many episodes. When I was teaching moral theology in Canada, I was Cardinal Paul Emile Leger's canonist. I often had to lodge requests with the Apostolic Penitentiary in Rome for excommunication orders to be lifted in the cases of people who had stolen the Sacred Host on Masonry's orders. They had been well paid for the task and some regretted their action asking the Church to pardon them. The episode took place in Canada where Masonry is not believed to be anti-religious.'
As recently as 2004, Cardinal Gagnon re-affirmed what he said in his 30 DAYS interview, adding that in his opinion, the great loss of faith by a large majority of Catholics in Canada's Quebec province, which includes Montreal, was due to the subliminal Masonic propaganda that basically one religion is just as good as another. This is, of course, the heresy of indifferentism.

So, according to the logic of Bishop Vezelis and Bishop Butler, we have STRONG REASONS TO DOUBT THAT BISHOP LOUIS VEZELIS WAS EVER VALIDLY ORDIANED and hence strong reasons to doubt that any of the Priests he ordained are valid!

This is not my logic, but theirs.  I have no doubt that they (Bishops Giles and Vezelis) are just as valid as Bishop Lefebvre.  Intent is to be presumed unless there is POSITIVE doubt (not hearsay nonsense) and membership in Freemasonry, even if true, in and of itself is not enough to create positive doubt and this can be proven by the fact that the Church did not conditionally or otherwise re-ordain Priests in France who were ordained by Bishops who were exposed as being members of Masonic Lodges during the French Revolution.

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