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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Imagine my shock...another Jewish false flag bovine excrement report....and just days before the last one.

If I were to post all of the archived news stories of Jews doing this sort of thing i would overload the servers of this blog!

Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY

A Jewish man in Upstate NY was jailed on Monday for falsely reporting racist vandalism to police.
Now, Andrew King, 54, of Schenectady, is facing a charge of Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree after police determined that he spray painted three swastikas on his home....

Here is Trump in his first address to congress - condemning "anti-semitism" - when in reality - it was Jews behind this bovine excrement:

Oddly enough, he did not bother to condemn all the attacks against Christians that are nonstop, from TV personalities, to bakery owners, to vandalism against Christian churches.
Now you know why he said he was "honored" that is daughter abandoned her supposed Christian Faith and became a Jew and that his children will not be baptized and will be raised to hate Jesus Christ!

Trump is not worthy of the support of Christians!

Just remember - ALL of Donald Trump's adult children are either married to or dating Jews.  

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