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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gee, what a surprise - the person making the bomb threats to the Jewish Community Centers was....well....JEWISH AND A DUAL CITIZEN OF ISRAEL!

Meanwhile, the President of the United States in his first address to Congress in his first few words began with the condemnations of "antisemitism" based on these false flag bomb threats!

U.S. Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect Is Arrested in Israel

WASHINGTON — The Israeli police on Thursday arrested a man believed to be responsible for scores of bomb threats that were phoned in to Jewish community centers across the United States, American officials said.
The F.B.I. confirmed in a statement that the bureau had worked with the Israeli national police to arrest the teenager, who, officials said, holds citizenship in both Israel and the United States.
“Investigating hate crimes is a top priority for the F.B.I., and we will continue to work to make sure all races and religions feel safe in their communities and in their places of worship,” a spokeswoman for the F.B.I., Samantha Shero, said. She said the bureau could not provide additional information about its inquiry.
Jewish community centers across the United States have reported more than 100 bomb threats since the beginning of the year. The calls, which President Trump condemned during an address to Congress last month, led to evacuations and bomb sweeps and heightened worries about anti-Semitism in the United States.
The suspect was using anonymizer software to cover his tracks, according to federal law enforcement officials in the United States. The technology made it harder for the F.B.I. to pinpoint who was making the threats....

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