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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Evidence of the cult like nature of my previous Parish

A few years back, the governor of Wisconsin went completely contrary to Catholic teaching on capital and labor and took away the right to collectively bargain from nearly all public sector employees in Wisconsin.

When this occurred many people in our Parish thought this was fantastic, primarily due to their justified dislike of public school teachers, the teachers union, and public education in general.

But they could not get past this dislike and see that what Walker was doing was wrong and it effected more than just teachers.

I asked Fr. Bernard what the position of the church was on this issue and then posted his response - here is the link and a cut and paste of that post:


After today's announcements and the sermon the other day, it seemed to me that Fr. Bernard was a bit unclear on the current events in Madison.

I spoke to Fr. Bernard after Mass today for clarification.

PLEASE PRINT THIS POST IF YOU DOUBT IT and bring it with you if you have questions for Fr. Bernard.

I asked Fr. Bernard the following questions:

Was it wrong and contrary to Church teaching for Governor Scott Walker to take away collective bargaining rights from the public sector workers in Wisconsin?  Fr. Bernard answered - Yes

Is it wrong and going contrary to the Church for people to support Governor Scott Walker in regards to the issue of taking away collective bargaining.  Fr. Bernard answered - Yes.

If you question or doubt this - PRINT this post so that words are not mixed up and the issue is crystal clear.

This is in regards to the issue of collective bargaining and collective bargaining only.

The rest of it is peripheral and a matter of opinion - ie: pay cuts, benefits, retirement, etc... - it is perfectly fine to support his desire to lower their wages, benefits, etc... - but to support the taking away of collective bargaining is going contrary to the Church.


Somehow this was interpreted as an attack on Fr. Bernard, as will be demonstrated in the email I got from one of the "good women of the Parish" as Fr. Bernard constantly refers to them.

Below is an email that I received from the woman who used to partner in this blog with me and who is a supposed member of the Third Order of St. Francis:

Blog Post

Tue 5/24/2011, 10:43 AM

Fr. Bernard then demanded that I post a letter that he had written supposedly defending himself from my horrible "Clarification" post.

At the time, Bishop Louis Vezelis was sick, so I was in constant contact with Bishop Giles Butler, who gave me permission to respond to the letter that Fr. Bernard demanded that I post and ordered me not to respond to.  Bishop Giles proof read my response to the letter that Fr. Bernard ordered me to post and gave me permission to post my response.

This response was truthful and 100% accurate, and unfortunately for Fr. Bernard, made him look foolish, but truth is truth.

All the while, even though Bishop Louis was sick, he was reading my blog.  Not once did I get a reprimand for any of this, in fact, shortly after the posting of Fr. Bernard's letter and my response to it - Fr. Bernard ceased speaking of any politics from the pulpit.  I suspect Bishop Louis ordered him to keep quiet about things he does not know about.

Here is a link that contains letter that Fr. Bernard ordered me to post and tried to prevent me from responding to, along with my response.

As you can see, Linda's comments about a Papal Nuncio's understand of Church teaching being beneath Fr. Bernard's understand of Church teaching - clearly illustrates the cult like nature.

Her statements about her own family's experience are ridiculous as well.  Her husband worked for a company that was and more importantly STILL IS union.  The union went out on strike when he was working there, and rather than sacrifice during the strike like all the other workers did, he took a different job and in the end, screwed himself and his own family.  Had he stayed on strike like all the other workers and sacrificed a little for a short time, he and his family would have been MUCH better off.

The bottom line of this whole incident back then was that Fr. Bernard was going completely contrary to Church teaching and choosing politics over the Faith.  I pointed this out and his pride would not allow him to see it.  I had one Bishop proof reading everything I posted and another reading all of it and never once was I reprimanded or told I did anything wrong, yet I get this  hate filled email from a "humble" third order member.

(btw - at the time, I never told anyone that I was in communication with Bishop Giles, as he asked me not to mention it, because Bishop Louis was sick at the time.)

This email from her is a clear example of the "Franciscan humility" of the so-called Third Order of this cult-like Parish.  Needless to say way back then - i blocked her from posting on this blog.

Anyhow - just had to get a few things off my chest.

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