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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Do not confuse all those ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre with the heretical SSPX (Society of St. Pius X).

Lefebvre founded the Seminary known as SSPX shortly after the Vatican II changed.

Lefebvre wavered on the sede vacante position for many years and in the end did not hold this position.

It must be remembered however that many of the Priests in the SSPX did hold the sede vacante position and all were trained and ordained in the true Catholic rites and Sacraments.

Eventually, those Priests who held the sede vacante position were either expelled or left the SSPX and have been functioning either independently or in cooperation with Bishops who hold the sede vacante position - all of whom are under the supplied jurisdiction of the Church.

For example, Bishop Daniel Dolan (not to be confused with the novus ordo Timothy Dolan), Bishop Donald Sanborn, and Fr. Anthony Cekada were all trained in the SSPX seminary and ordained priests by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, but they are NOT members of SSPX.

Bishop Daniel Dolan and Bishop Donald Sanborn were both consecrated Bishops in the line of Archbishop Ngo.

There are also other Bishops in the world and many other priests who are valid and hold the true faith - do not be deceived by this cult that claims they are the only Catholics left.

By their fruits you shall know them!

Funny that in the Seraph many times it was pointed out that the lack of vocations, the closing of schools and churches, etc...  in the novus ordo is evidence of the errors of the novus ordo.

give that some thought for a while

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