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Saturday, March 04, 2017

'Dirty Jews' and the Christian Right

Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America's powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.

Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American Porn Inudstry

A story little told is that of Jews in Hollywood’s seedier cousin, the adult film industry. Perhaps we’d prefer to pretend that the ‘triple-exthnics’ didn’t exist, but there’s no getting away from the fact that secular Jews have played (and still continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped to transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the ‘true blue Jews’.

Meet the First Lady of the United States of America:

I have hesitated about posting these images, but since so little seems to get through the thick skulls of those who support Trump - I thought I would put it out there for all to see!

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