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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Beware of false reasoning.

The Society of Saint Pius X is heretical and is indeed seeking union with the Vatican II Church, but this does not mean that the clergy ordained within this seminary are invalid.

In the beginnings of the seminary under Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre many of the seminarians held the sedevacante position.  Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre did not take a firm stand until the 1980's when he then expelled a group of Priests from the seminary who held the sedevacante position and  refused to seek a reconciling with the VII church.

This has nothing to do with whether they are valid clergy or not.

It must be remembered that Archbishop Ngo and Bishop Louis did not take the sedevacante position until the 1980s.  Archbishop Ngo and Bishop Vezelis both administered Holy Orders to people that later turned out to be mistakes.

In this age of Apostasy, when the "Shepherd has been struck and the sheep are scattered" there was and is much confusion.

What we do know is that there were two Archbishops who went against the Vatican II Church - Archbishop Lefebvre (the first) and ;ater. Archbishop Ngo who kept the Church alive.

Were these two men perfect? No.  Did they both make mistakes in their administering of the Sacrament of Holy Orders? Yes  Did they make errors in their opinions immediately after VII, Yes.

Bishop Giles Butler has recently said that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, by his own mouth said that Cardinal Lienart was a Freemason.

The circumstances of this are as follows:

Archbishop Lefebvre during a talk in Canada said that he saw a photo of Cardinal Leinart dressed in Masonic garb.  The photo he said appeared in a periodical entitled: Chiesa Viva.  

The problem is that when this photo was looked into it was discovered that Cardinal Leinart was actually wearing his ordinary clerical garb in the photo,  BUT just below was a different photo of a masonic lodge entrance with all the masonic symbol on it.  

There is NO photo of Cardinal Lienart in Masonic garb in any issue of Chiesa Viva, the periodical in which Lefebvre THOUGHT he saw Lienart in Masonic garb!  

Also, there is only one person who claimed that Lefebvre even said this at all and it is, oddly, enough, it is the same person who first made the claim the Leinart was a freemason.  And he is not even named,  Think about it.

so THERE IS POSITIVE doubt to the CLAIM that Cardinal Lienart was a Freemason!

If one is gong to make such a claim - HARD  evidence should be provided, not just hearsay.

BTW - Just recently Bishop Giles Butler was informed that a modernist novus ordo "priest" who was a prison chaplain DENIED that Baptism removed original sin, yet Bishop Giles, did not see fit to conditionally re-baptize the young woman who was "baptized" by this man.  Odd that he would accept nonsense hearsay evidence against Lefebvre's ordination, but not accept evidence against a modernist heretic novus-ordo priest who "baptized" one of his own "flock"!


SSPX is doing things that are heretical, but so did some of those who Archbishop Ngo consecrated.

There are clergy who were ordained by Lefebvre who are NOT part of SSPX and who are not heretics and are valid.

Remember - Pope Pius XII himself raised Lefebvre to the Episcopacy and named him an Archbishop!

btw - SSPX was a seminary - nothing more - when it was founded by Lefebvre and when many of the clergy in it were ordained.

And, as far as relations with the satanic novus ordo of the Priests under Bishop Giles actually gave permission for one of his Parishioners who owned a "catholic" bookstore to sell John Paul II "holy cards" and statues of St. Joseph to be used in a satanic ritual in which they are buried upside down to sell homes!  This same Priest gives Communion to people he KNOWS attend the novus ordo "mass" on a regular basis and hold that "Francis" is a valid Pope!

This does not sound like one standing alone with Christ to me.  Rather, it sounds like one who is ruled by a silly woman.

I am not going to comment on this situation anymore.  I could list so many things that I blinded myself to over the years, but to what end?  

God will enlighten all those who are willing to accept the truth and realize that humility IS TRUTH,

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