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Friday, March 31, 2017

A few more thoughts on the issue of Jurisdiction.

Bishop Giles Butler and the late Bishop Louis Vezelis have preached and taught ad nauseum the idea that Bishops receive the power of ordinary jurisdiction directly from God.

As evidence of their claim they often site a quote from Pope Pius XII

Encyclical, Mystici Corporis, June 29, 1943

"Consequently, Bishops must be considered as the more illustrious members of the Universal Church, for they are united by a very special bond to the divine Head of the whole Body and so are rightly called "principal parts of the members of the Lord;" [62] moreover, as far as his own diocese is concerned, each one as a true Shepherd feeds the flock entrusted to him and rules it in the name of Christ. [63] Yet in exercising this office they are not altogether independent, but are subordinate to the lawful authority of the Roman Pontiff, although enjoying the ordinary power of jurisdiction which they receive directly from the same Supreme Pontiff. Therefore, Bishops should be revered by the faithful as divinely appointed successors of the Apostles, [64] and to them, even more than to the highest civil authorities should be applied the words: "Touch not my anointed one!" [65] For Bishops have been anointed with the chrism of the Holy Spirit."

Somehow they try to claim that in this passage the "Supreme Pontiff" is Jesus Christ.  Never mind the fact that the title "Supreme Pontiff" has never once been used by the Church (or anyone other than these two Bishops) as a title for God (Father, Son, or Holy Ghost) and has ONLY been used as a title for a Pope.

As further evidence that their interpretation of this is wrong, I site 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia - subject: "Bishops:

"Two classes of bishops must be distinguished, not with regard to the power of order, for all bishops receive the fullness of the priesthood but with regard to the power of jurisdiction: the diocesan bishop and the titular bishop or, as he was called before 1882 the episcopus in partibus infedelium. The former is here considered. Those belonging to the second class cannot perform any episcopal function without the authorization of the diocesan bishop; for as titular bishops there have no ordinary jurisdiction. They can; however, act as auxiliary bishops, i.e. they may be appointed by the pope to assist a diocesan bishop in the exercise of duties arising from the episcopal order but entailing no power of jurisdiction. (See AUXILIARY BISHOP.) Such a bishop is also called vicarius in pontificalibus, i.e. a representative in certain ceremonial acts proper to the diocesan bishop, sometimes suffragan bishop, episcopus suffraganeus. In the proper sense of the term, however, the suffragan bishop is the diocesan bishop in his relations with the metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province to which he belongs, while the bishop who is independent of any metropolitan is called an exempt bishop, episcopus exemptus. The titular bishop may also be coadjutor bishop when he is appointed to assist an ordinary bishop in the administration of the diocese. Sometimes he is incorrectly called auxiliary bishop. He possesses some powers of jurisdiction determined by the letters Apostolic appointing him. Often also, notably in missionary countries, the coadjutor bishop is named cum jure successionis, i.e. with the right of succession; on the death of the diocesan bishop he enters on the ordinary administration of the diocese."

If a Bishop receives the powers of "ordinary jurisdiction" directly from God by virtue of his consecration as Bishop - how is it that there are Bishops "titular bishops" whoi clearly have "no ordinary jurisdiction", "no power of jurisdiction", or "some powers of jurisdiction"?  If these powers are by virtue of their office as Bishop, how is it that there are some Bishops who do not have this power?

Think about this.

It does appear that back in 1917 there were a few theologians who questioned where a Bishop received this power of Jurisdiction as evidenced from this encyclopedia:

"It is a controverted question whether the bishops hold their jurisdiction directly from God or from the sovereign pontiff. The latter opinion, however, is almost generally admitted at the present day, for it is more in conformity with the monarchical constitution of the Church, which seems to demand that there should be no power in the Church not emanating immediately from the sovereign pontiff. Authors who hold the contrary opinion say that it is during the episcopal consecration that bishops receive from God their power of jurisdiction. But habitually before their consecration the bishops have already all powers of jurisdiction over their dioceses (Bargilliat, I, 442-445). Another question also discussed is whether the potestas magisterii, or teaching authority, is a consequence of the power of order or of jurisdiction (Sägmüller, Lehrbuch des katholischen Kirchenrechts, Frieberg, 1900-04, 24-25). Whatever the conclusion, teaching authority will here be ranked among the powers of jurisdiction. The teaching authority of the bishop and his governing authority (potestas regiminis) will now be successively considered, the latter comprising the legislative, dispensative, judicial, coercive, and administrative powers."

So, in 1917 there appears to have been a minority of theologians who thought that the power of jurisdiction came by virtue of the office, or from God and not the Pope.  

As the Church always does, when there is a dispute, the Pope clears the matter up and Pope Pius XII did in the quote above.  The power of ordinary jurisdiction comes from the Supreme Pontiff - who is the Supreme Pontiff?  

I challenge any and all to find one reference to the "Supreme Pontiff" as anyone other than the Pope.

I would like ANYONE to post a single reference to me where the term "Supreme or Highest Pontiff" is used to denote Jesus Christ or God.  

In all my searching, i can find this title to be used exclusively for the Pope.

Of course, Bishop Giles Butler will refute by saying that a mere laymen has no right to question his interpretation of this, because he has "ordinary jurisdiction" (see the circular reasoning).

Just remember, the when the heresies of the Novus Ordo were imposed, those who dared question it were told that they were mere laymen and by questioning their Bishops, they were being disobedient and "uncatholic".  

We all know how that turned out.

Jesus warned us that "when the shepherd is struck, the sheep will be scattered" - these are confusing times, but we must do our best to hold to the TRUTH in all things. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

no comment necessary

College Diversity Council Posts Fake Racist Flyers to Encourage ‘Dialogue’

The Diversity Leadership Council at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, admitted that they had posted racist flyers around campus that called for a “White America.”...

All of these "white supremacist" groups are smoke and mirrors and used for the purposes of destroying legitimate nationalism!

California AG Charges Man Behind Planned Parenthood Expose’ Videos With 15 Felonies

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California state prosecutors have charged the pro-life investigator behind the 2014-2015 undercover Planned Parenthood videos with 15 felonies less than a year after Texas officials dropped all charges.
State Attorney General Xavier Becerra alleges that David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress, along with his co-worker Sandra Merritt, wrongfully recorded Planned Parenthood employees and others without their consent in capturing the undercover footage.
Daleiden is therefore charged with 14 counts of covertly recording confidential conversations—one for each person—and one count of conspiracy to invade privacy.
“The right to privacy is a cornerstone of California’s Constitution, and a right that is foundational in a free democratic society,” Becerra said, according to the LA Times. “[We] will not tolerate the criminal recording of confidential conversations.”...

California AG who charged pro-life filmmakers accepted thousands of dollars from Planned Parenthood

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a Democrat who filed 15 felony charges against pro-life filmmakers Tuesday, previously accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood during his congressional campaigns.
Becerra announced Tuesday that the state had filed charges against David Daleiden, the founder of The Center for Medical Progress, and his associate, Sandra Merritt, for their roles in the release of a series of undercover videos that showed Planned Parenthood employees appearing to negotiate the price of aborted fetal body parts.
Profiting from the sale of human body parts — including those of the unborn — is illegal under federal law. Planned Parenthood denied illegal conduct and applauded the indictment of the pro-life filmmakers....

U.S. Lawmakers Back Measures to Protect Israel By Punishing Iran

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Always get a chuckle when silly ignorant people cannot see that the false accusations that they make against those who have exposed them are precisely what they themselves are guilty of.

What makes me chuckle is that they are too stupid to realize what they are doing.

I think their stupidity is due to their fanaticism regarding the subject at hand.

Whether it be their refusal to accept the truth about their political positions, their religious views, or even a personal situation - their irrational and illogical fanaticism blinds them to the truth.

And they can count on their man Trump to promote these false flags and support their evil plans!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Germany - hard facts after WWII

As of December, the government no longer requires your informed consent perform medical experiments on you if they are deemed to pose "minimal risk" as defined by the same government.

So, vaccines can be laced with drugs, your water can be laced with drugs, your food, etc... without your knowledge or consent!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just remember, we supposedly sent several men through the Van Allen Radiation Belts several times with the lunar missions - but for some reason - today, we have to "solve the challenges" of getting equipment and humans through the dangerous high levels of radiation in the belts!

We have been lied to for so long and about so many things.

Is it any wonder it is difficult to sift through what is truth and what are lies?

Lemons: Gun-Totin' Left-Wingers Demonstrate at the Arizona Capitol: Is Bloodshed on the Horizon?

Hey, lefties with guns, that's cool.
At least, that was my first impression upon seeing about 40 or so assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, and members of a group calling itself the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club across the street from the state Capitol, openly armed to the proverbial teeth...

Divide and conquer, the classic method of the Jew.  Put a liberal communist like Donald Trump in office, who pretends to be pro-america, when in reality he is a communist piece of shit Zionist and get the conservatives and dumb ass liberals to think he is something different and sit back and watch them kill each other!

Israeli Ambassador: For First Time in Many Years, 'No Daylight' Between Israel, U.S.

Speaking at AIPAC conference, Ron Dermer says Israel's relationship with Trump is better than with any previous U.S. administration.

WASHINGTON - Israel's ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, said on Sunday that "for the first time in many years, perhaps in decades, there is no daylight" between the governments of the U.S. and Israel.

Dermer made the remark as part of his speech before the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference, the powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington. The quote suggests that in Dermer's view, Israel's relationship with Trump is better than with any previous U.S. administration...

So, along with many so-called "Christians", the anti-Christ illegal and immoral State of Israel completely supports Trump!


A "church" founded on divorce attracts menopausal cat women like these:

The book burning begins...

Very few people know that Jews were the slave traders of North America:


The "lone bishop".

When the purpose of Vatican II became clear and it's changes began to be implemented, there were a handful of Bishops that refused to go along with these changes.  Some claim that Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc was the "lone bishop" in the world who stood against Vatican II.  This is simply not true.

Here are the Bishops that I know of that stood firm against VII.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, had already by 1970 established a seminary to train men to become Priests in the traditional rites of the Catholic Church.

Antonio de Castro Mayer, was Bishop of Campos Brazil, and never allowed the novus ordo Mass or any of the Vatican II changes to be implemented in his diocese.  On his death bed, the VII tried to get him to admit his errors, but he refused and held true to the end.

Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc, the archbishop of Vietnam, of whom all the known valid and legitimate Bishops who are not heretics derive their orders.

It should noted that the elderly Cardinals Bacci and Ottaviani wrote what is known as the Ottaviani Intervention in defense of the True Mass and exposed the errors of the New Mass.

There were also several priests around the world who refused to accept the VII changes, not the least of which was Fr. Michel-Louis Guerad des Lauriers, who was a personal advisor to Pope Pius XII on the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed mother and was Pope Pius XII personal confessor!  Fr. Guerad des Lauriers was later consecrated a Bishop by Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc.

There were of course many other priests, such as Fr. Altenbach, Fr. Hugh Wish, Fr. James Wathan, etc...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Second Israeli Arrested for JCC Threats

The arrest of a second Jew for the wave of “anti-Jewish hate crimes” against Jewish Community Centers (JCC) in the U.S. has left Jewish supremacist organizations and individuals scrambling to explain why the single greatest spree of “anti-Semitic” incidents in recent history originated in Israel....
Women were not created to do everything a man can do.  They were created to do everything a man can't do!

Do  not let anyone deceive you - Joseph Stalin was Jewish!

Jews will lie all the time about who is a Jew and who is not - as the website below illustrates regarding Stalin:

Now the Jews are claiming that Eric Trump's wife is not Jewish, even though just a few years ago the entire Jewish media was reporting that she was.

You see, many websites have been reporting that every single one of Donald Trump's adult children are either married to or dating Jews - so now they want to deny that one of them is a Jew.

Self serve "Communion" in the Philippines!

Umm... - all I can say is.....


Trump publicly stands by Ryan despite rumored discord

WASHINGTON — Despite reports that the White House planned to blame House Speaker Paul Ryan for the failure of the Republican health care bill, President Trump publicly praised the speaker’s handling of the legislation on Friday.....

but the unthinking morons who believe Trump to be their political savior will keep supporting him!


Gun Owners of America: Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0 Still Contains Gun Control

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is warning that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.o still contains measures that will allow doctors, insurance companies, and the ATF to use medical records to further a gun control agenda.

GOA points out that it opposed “the original Obamacare” because it threatened Second Amendment rights and they are concerned about Ryan’s new healthcare push for the same reasons....
The most disgusting religion in the world!  

I am surprised that this is getting more mainstream attention, but note how they never talk about how perverted this is!

I challenge any Jew to show me where in the Old Testament it says that they should suck the bloody genitals of baby boys after circumcision!

If any other religion was engaging in something this disgusting and perverted they would be shut down!

Friday, March 24, 2017

On the note of things that were not right....

Again, years ago, in a discussion with Bishop Louis Vezelis, he informed me that he gave permission for a nun from another country who died while visiting him to be cremated.  I said that I thought it was against Church teaching to be cremated.  His response was that since it would cost so much money to send her body to her country, it constituted a "grave necessity".

Again, at the time, this did not seem right to me.

Here is what the Church teaches on cremation:

  1. On May 19, 1886 in answer to two questions posed by the bishops, the Church forbade the joining of cremation societies which were for the most part of Masonic origin and spirit, and it was further condemned to request cremation of one’s own body or the body of another.
  2. Some seven months later, December 15, 1886, Pope Leo XIII ratified this document. Catholics who destined their bodies for cremation were deprived of a proper Christian burial.
  3. On July 27, 1892, the matter was definitively resolved. Priests were requested not to give such Catholics the last rites; no public funeral Mass could be said.

 (1917) Code of Canon Law prescribes:
If a person has in any way ordered that his body be cremated, it is illicit to obey such instructions; and if such a provision occur in a contract, last testament or in any document whatsoever, it is to be disregarded. (canon 1203, §2).
It is likewise stated "those who give orders that their body be cremated" are amongst those who "must be refused ecclesiastical burial." (canon 1240, §1, 5º) 

In certain strict circumstances the Church tacitly or even expressly authorizes cremation, e.g., in the case of an epidemic where public health safety is in question.

Now with this in mind, does supposedly not having funds to transport a body to ones home country constitute a grave necessity?

Those who have taken religious vows should know that they could die anywhere and that they are usually buried where they die.  There was no reason for her body to be taken back to her home nation to be buried.

If money was truly a problem, why did not Bishop Vezelis sell some of his tens of thousands of dollars of toy trains?  Why did he not take up a collection to pay for this nuns burial expenses?

No, he just goes completely contrary to Church teaching and 2000 years of Christian tradition and ok's the cremation of a nun!

When I look back, I wonder how I could have been so stupid!  

Again, better to "hook your star" on Jesus Christ than any man and far better to "bet your salvation" on the constant teachings of the Church than the whims of a man.

Years ago, I asked my former Priest how he goes to confession and receives absolution, since he was alone and rarely saw another Priest.  He told me that he confessed over the telephone.  

When this was told to me, my "gut" reaction was that this was wrong, but I am not a theologian, so I was not sure and just trusted that this was acceptable.

I just came upon something that shows CLEARLY that this is invalid.

Absolution by telegraph was declared invalid by a Holy See commission, and this was reiterated on July 1, 1884, regarding the telephone.  Theologians consider that a negative reply in a case such as this is settled Catholic teaching.

The reason for this negative reply makes perfect sense:

All of the sacraments require some form of physical presence between minister and recipient. Even the possible exception of marriage by proxy still requires the personal presence of the proxy delegate. Likewise a general absolution in an emergency requires the physical presence of those who receive the grace of forgiveness.

The question of invalidity revolves around the essentially interpersonal nature of the sacraments. They are not magical rites but encounters with Christ in which the minister is the human instrument of this personal encounter.

It is really common sense, if absolution can be granted over the phone, why not the Consecration of the bread and wine?  Why have mission churches - a person could just hold the phone over the bread and wine and the Priest could then do the Consecration - no need for the Priest to actually be there!

Herein, again, lies the problem with people "hooking their star" on a man and "betting their salvation" on the words of a man.  The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, not an individual man.

How JFK secretly ADMIRED Hitler: Explosive book reveals former President’s praise for the Nazis as he travelled through Germany before Second World War

Read more:

A new book out in Germany reveals how President Kennedy was a secret admirer of the Nazis.

The news comes embarrassingly close to a visit being paid to Berlin next month by President Obama - one week before 50th anniversary commemorations of JFK's memorable 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech pledging US solidarity with Europe during the Cold War. 

President Kennedy's travelogues and letters chronicling his wanderings through Germany before WWII, when Adolf Hitler was in power, have been unearthed and show him generally in favour of the movement that was to plunge the world into the greatest war in history...

...He (JFK) declared; 'Who has visited these two places can easily imagine how Hitler will emerge from the hatred currently surrounding him to emerge in a few years as one of the most important personalities that ever lived.'...

JFK diary calls Hitler 'stuff of legends'

A diary kept by President John F Kennedy as a young man travelling in Europe, revealing his fascination with Adolf Hitler, is up for auction.
Kennedy, then 28, predicted "Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived".
"He had in him the stuff of which legends are made," he continued.
Kennedy wrote the entry in the summer of 1945 after touring the German dictator's Bavarian mountain retreat.
It is thought by historians to be the only diary ever kept by the 35th US president.,,,