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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

There are many who either due to malice, ignorance, or quite simply a lack of intelligence do not understand or hide the difference between National Socialism and Communistic Socialism.

The Catholic Church unequivocally condemned Communistic Socialism, but CLEARLY did not condemn National Socialism.  

The Catholic Church signed a concordat with National Socialist Germany under Hitler.  

The Catholic Church did not excommunicate a single National Socialist, not even Adolf Hitler and in fact, offered a Requiem Mass for the repose of Hitler's soul.

Below is Hitler's own definition of the kind of "socialism" that National Socialism is, see for yourself if it sounds anything like Communistic Socialism!

General Franco, the great Catholic leader of Spain, upon learning of the death of Adolf Hitler said this:

Do not be deceived by Jewish lies - History is told by the victors!


Sancta Cecelia said...

If he was such a good man, why did he invade Czechoslovakia?

onesharpbroadhead said...

Like Danzig, there were ethnic Germans living in Czechoslovakia, 3 million! These Germans were known as the Sudeten Germans and were horribly persecuted in Czechoslovakia. Germany wanted the Sudetenland (which was German) as part of the German Reich and the Sudeten wanted this as well. Czechoslovakia was Communist and Hitler knew full well the threat to Europe and the world that communism posed.

onesharpbroadhead said...

I would highly suggest you consider taking the "Red pill" and watch Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story Never Told - and New World Order, Communism by the Backdoor -

both are available online at the above links. If you would like DVD copies of these two amazing documentaries I would be happy to send them to you at no cost - just post your address to me (I filter the comments so I will not make your address public)