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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Greatest War Crime in Human History!

‘Everything within 400 yards was incinerated’: Dresden survivor recalls hellish WWII attack (PHOTOS)

British World War II veteran Victor Gregg might not be alive today were it not for the Allied bombardment of Dresden. But the now-97 year old finds it difficult to reconcile the hellish events of February 13, 1945 with victory.

On that night, around 800 Allied aircraft filled the air above Dresden and proceeded to drop 1,500 tons (metric) of high explosives and incendiary canisters, setting the city ablaze and turning it into a scene from hell. Some 25,000 people perished in the bombing.  (The reality is that over 400,000 civilians died in these firbombings)
The catastrophic aerial attack focused on the historic German city after Britain’s Royal Air Force identified the area as a key transportation and industrial hub for Nazi Germany.  (This is also a lie, Dresden was a refugee city filled with civilians)...

If you want to see the truth about Dresden - take the time to watch:

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