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Monday, February 27, 2017

Sacramental Intention and Masonic Bishops

Take the time to read carefully, prayerfully, and thoughtfully, the article in the previous post and the link above.

The claim has been made that if Cardinal Lienart was a Freemason, he could therefore not have validly ordained Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  If true, Lefebvre's later Consecration as a Bishop and all of his subsequent ordinations would be invalid.

I have been giving a great deal of thought to this claim lately and am going to share these thoughts now.

As the two articles clearly indicate, there is no proof that Cardinal Lienart was a Freemason, only hearsay.  Even Archbishop Lefebvre's own claim of seeing the photo of Cardinal Lienart in masonic garb which was published in a magazine, was based on an error.  (Lienart was in ordinary clerical vestments, but in a photo underneath was an article about Masonry)

If he was a Freemason, it still does not seem to make sense that this, in and of itself, invalidates the ordination.  An atheist, even a Satanist, can validly administer the Sacrament of Baptism, so how is a Freemason any different?

Think about the fact that Freemasonry is by definition a SECRET Society, therefore how would one know if ANY bishop or cardinal were a Freemason.

If being a Freemason ipso facto invalidates any ordination, we have reason to doubt ALL ordinations made after 1717 when Freemasonry as we know it began.  How would we ever know if a Priest or Bishop was truly validly ordained?

What of the "Conversos" of Spain during the time of Queen Isabella?  We know, as did the Popes and Bishops of the time KNOW that there were false converts from Judaism to the Catholic Faith.  The Church also knew that they reached the highest levels in the Church - Priests and Bishops.

Masonry is merely a tool and extension of Judaism.

Did the Church declare that any of the ordinations or other sacraments which were administered using correct matter and form by the "Converso" Bishops to be invalid?  If so, I cannot find any evidence of it.

Has any Pope ever declared that it is impossible for a Bishop who is/was a Freemason to validly administer Sacraments?  If so, I cannot find any evidence of it, let alone evidence that an accusation of Freemasonic membership based on nothing more than hearsay would invalidate his ordinations.

Again, this is supposing that Cardinal Lienart was a Mason, there is no proof, other than hearsay that he was.

Archbishop Lefebvre was ordained in 1928 and was called to be a Bishop and named an Archbishop by Pope Pius XII.

I think it is quite a stretch to claim he was never validly ordained a Priest.

This is not to say that I agree with SSPX or all of the clergy in the line of Archbishop Lefebvre, just like I do not agree with all of the clergy in the line of Archbishop Ngo.

The question of validity does not touch on the later actions of those validly ordained.

The Truth will set us free, but we must search for it.  "Knock and it shall be opened to you"

Unfortunately, many refuse to knock because they feel they already possess the truth, they feel they are already inside and do not need to knock to gain entry.

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