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Friday, February 10, 2017

Mein Kampf - more information

If you have been following my blog, you will note that I have posted some quotes from Mein Kampf, the Stalag edition distributed by Barnes & Noble and published b y Ostara Publishing.

World historian David Irving, who wrote many acclaimed works on WWII, Adolf Hitler, and the Third Reich was once asked what his thoughts were on Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitlers autobiography.

David Irving responded that he had not read it.  This shocked the audience he was speaking to and in response to many follow up questions, Irving responded as to why he had not read it.

He stated unequivocally that he did not believe that there existed a translation that had not been corrupted on some level.  Most of the translations available were translated by Hitler's enemies, even Jews, who dared claim that they were unbiased in their translation.  Irving stated that since he could not read German and believed the only accurate versions would be the original copies sold in Germany prior to the end of the War, there was no point in reading a corrupted translation.

It appears that the Stalag edition is the least corrupted and in the first volume (Mein Kampf has two volumes) there does not appear to be any corruption.  The second volume, however, is clearly corrupted.  There are paragraphs where the entire writing style is different from the rest of the book, where one paragraph completely contradicts what was previously stated, etc...

Due to this, my brother did a little digging into Ostera Publishing.  Ostera Publishing as it exists today is a racist neo-pagan publishing house and takes its name from Ostera Magazine which was published by an Austrian occultist named  Lanz von Liebenfels. 

This man was a satanic racist pagan.  He published this magazine from 1905 until 1930.  He claimed that Adolf Hitler was a follower of his teachings.  He claimed that the swastika and fascism were the result of his bogus teachings.

Ridiculous claims that Hitler was a racist and occultist are still widely made today.  The proof, however, is to be found in accurate knowledge of history.

When Austria came into the Reich, Lanz von Liebenfels was banned from publishing his racist occultist magazine and all copes of the magazine were removed from publication.  

This resulted in von Lebienfels saying that Adolf Hitler was of "inferior racial stock".

Adolf Hitler and the "Nazis" were occultists debunked in under 3 minutes:

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