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Thursday, February 09, 2017

I do not always agree with Ann Coulter, but she is spot on in this interview with a novus ordo "priest"!

This is a prime example of people who do not think and only emote.  Unfortunately, this is most people today.  What is interesting is how these dolts react to facts and arguments that make sense.


Christian said...

I can certainly identify with Ann's frustration in getting these brain dead women to take an honest look at the statistics she is citing. What don't they understand? Ann states that 70% of the juveniles incarcerated came from single mom homes. That means 30% didn't. Even if she had said that 100% of those juveniles came from single mother homes, that does not say that 100% of the children in single mother homes will end up in juvenile detention facilities. What idiots! You just can't get through to today's brainwashed sheep.

Christian said...
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