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Friday, February 17, 2017

Fox News Radio Host: 'We Have to be Very, Very Careful with Judge Gorsuch'

“President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, has the backing of pro-life and conservative groups, but Fox News radio host Todd Starnes is urging caution…
‘Republican presidents have a shady track record when it comes to putting justices on the Supreme Court,’ Starnes told CBN News. ‘Remember, it was President Eisenhower who said one of the worst decisions he made as president was putting Earl Warren on the highest court in the land.’
‘So Republicans, when they put judges on the Supreme Court, for whatever reason, their gavels go wobbly, and they go left,’ he continued. ‘And that’s why I think we have to be very, very careful with Judge Gorsuch.’
Some justices have shown they’re not reliable conservatives once on the high court, even though they were picked by Republican presidents. Examples include David Souter, appointed by President George H.W. Bush; Anthony Kennedy, appointed by President Ronald Reagan; and Sandra Day O’Connor, also appointed by Reagan.
Starnes told CBN News that he’s also concerned about Gorsuch because of the church he attends.
‘They’re putting him forward as a conservative man, and yet he attends and is a member, an active member of an ultra-liberal congregation,’ Starnes said. ‘So I’m wondering how such a conservative person could be a part of such a liberal, anti-Trump congregation for example.’
‘Don’t know a lot about Judge Gorsuch, and certainly he has… he says he is pro-life, and his papers seem to indicate that, but again there are some concerns in some circles,’ he continued.
Gorsuch attends St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colo. The Washington Post described it as a ‘notably liberal church.’ reported that Gorsuch’s pastor ‘proudly attended the anti-Trump Women’s March in Denver the day after the President’s inauguration.'”

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