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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An image of the Paul VI Audience Hall in Rome

Not to difficult to see that this is the head of a serpent complete with fangs.  

Here is a close up of the hideous sculpture that is between the obvious fangs and in the mouth of the serpent:

This hideous sculpture is supposed to be Our Lord!

It seems that when Satan feels he has gained complete control, he just openly manifests himself.  

Jews call this Chutzpah!

But we should remember, at first he conceals himself and appears to be good, the angel of light.  

But sooner or later the true nature and evilness is made manifest.

The most dangerous time is before it is obvious, but once it is obvious, it is usually to late for those duped by it.

Satan will use any means possible to destroy the remnant of the Church that is left, but his agents and actions can be seen by those who love the truth.  

Unfortunately, when they become so obvious that none of good will can deny it, it seems that it is usually too late for those duped by him.

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