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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lucent Technologies is an openly satanic company which uses names from Dante's Inferno for projects it engages in!

If your clergy supports Trump, your clergy is evil!
Our little Chapel - named the St. Joseph of Arimathea Mission because the Holy Mass is offered in a funeral home chapel is very blessed to have such a selfless Priest.

Fr. McKenna drove to our little Mission 7.5 hours to offer Mass for us and then had to leave after Mass at about 7:30pm and drive 7.5 hours back.  I told him that he did not have to come due to the circumstances, but he said that this was the only time this month that he could come and he wanted us to have access to the Sacraments.

We now have 13 true Catholics that attend our little Mission and growing.

Fr. McKenna is a very educated and intelligent Priest and has deep faith and conviction.  His sermons are amazing and he has a way of relating to people who are not Catholic that is rarely seen.  I have a friend who has no religion that met Fr. McKenna last month and was so impressed by him that he has talked about him numerous times since.  It is my hope that he may join our little Mission.

Trust in God, for all things work for good to those who love God.

Australian woman, 26, caught up in Barcelona terror attack has cheated death THREE times this year after narrowly avoiding ISIS attacks in London and France

A young Australian woman has cheated death for the third time this year after terrorist attacks took place in three different cities that she was travelling through.

Julia Monaco, 26, from Melbourne, was in a shopping mall with a friend when a van plowed into pedestrians in the Las Ramblas district of Barcelona on Thursday. 

It was her third brush with terrorism since she began travelling around Europe three months ago but she told 3AW's Neil Mitchell that she won't let it stop her from seeing the world. 

In June, she was put in a lockdown on the London Underground while out with friends when terrorists plowed into people on London Bridge before going on a knife rampage in nearby Borough Market.

Days later, she was in Notre Dame in Paris when a police officer was stabbed outside the famous cathedral....

Read more:

Is this the story they produce when someone has evidence that the same crisis actor was at all three bogus "attacks" ?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Trump's Speech - more of the same BULLSHIT

Lets keep fighting in Afghanistan we need to keep the poppy fields health and the heroin coming!

Oh yea, and lets keep the 9/11 lies fresh in the minds of the gullible goy!

The 9/11 litmus test is as true today as it was 16 years ago!

TRUMP is EVIL and anyone who supports this satanist is either a moron or a deceiver and a son of Satan!

I wonder why "antifa" has not toppled this Confederate memorial?
Another interesting piece of information.  Please note well that the entire purpose of flooding Europe with these "refugees" is to destroy the European races and what is left of her Christianity.

British Jews Lay Groundwork For Influx of Syrian Refugees

British Jewry is vowing to not stand idly by as restrictive British asylum policy prevents all but a tiny trickle of today’s refugees to legally reach the shores of the United Kingdom.

Earlier this month, during Hanukkah, three of Britain’s Jewish religious movements released a video announcing the launch of a campaign to reinstate private sponsorship for refugees, a mechanism that disappeared after WWII.

Like the private sponsorship of refugees currently underway by Canadian Jews, the British scheme would involve synagogues, community organizations and individuals taking responsibility for resettling Syrian families fleeing the four-year-old civil war in their country.
“One of the things that has united the Jewish communities here is the refugee crisis. Religious and lay leaders are speaking out. Nothing has been as deeply resonant for us,” said Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, a senior British Reform rabbi....

Any "truther" or religious person that claims to be informing the public of the situation in the world today that does not discuss the fact that Jews are behind this - is a deceiver and a tool of Satan!

Just a reminder, this is the man the media and the left calls a "Nazi" and the "right" calls their hero!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I usually don't post personal stuff, but I had sooooooooo much fun today!

I went with a group of 9 ATV riders and we put nearly 100 off-road miles on today!  For an old man that is new to riding a motorcycle (especially off-road) - I had a BLAST and was able to keep up with the ATV guys.  I only dumped it twice - both times in the same deeeeeep water hole that had no way around it - the first time it filled my air filter box with water and sucked some into the carb - had to take it all apart and dry it out - then it was fine.  On the way back - same dang hole tipped me over again - but at least no water in the engine this time.

Every muscle in my body got a workout today throwing that machine around and weaving around rocks big enough to tip me over.

Here is a pic of me and my "mid life crisis" as my wife calls my KLR 650.  Glad I bought a power washer - the brand new bike doesn't look to new after that ride!

Just remember who is behind all this immigration:

And then ask yourself, why does ISIS attack everyone, but Israel, their supposed archenemy?  The answer is quite simple:

Published on July 28th, 2017 | by Guest

The Mask Is Off: Trump Is Seeking War with Iran

by Trita Parsi
Something extraordinary has happened in Washington. President Donald Trump has made it clear, in no uncertain terms and with no effort to disguise his duplicity, that he will claim that Tehran is cheating on the nuclear deal by October—the facts be damned. In short, the fix is in. Trump will refuse to accept that Iran is in compliance and thereby set the stage for a military confrontation. His advisors have even been kind enough to explain how they will go about this. Rarely has a sinister plan to destroy an arms control agreement and pave the way for war been so openly telegraphed.
The unmasking of Trump’s plans to sabotage the nuclear deal began two weeks ago when he reluctantly had to certify that Iran indeed was in compliance. Both the US intelligence as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency had confirmed Tehran’s fair play. But Trump threw a tantrum in the Oval Office and berated his national security team for not having found a way to claim Iran was cheating. According to Foreign Policy, the adults in the room—Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster—eventually calmed Trump down but only on the condition that they double down on finding a way for the president to blow up the deal by October.
Prior to the revelation of Trump’s Iran certification meltdown, most analysts and diplomats believed that Trump’s rhetoric on Iran was just that—empty talk. His bark was worse than his bite, as demonstrated when he certified Iran’s compliance back in April and when he renewed sanctions waivers in May. The distance between his rhetoric and actual policy was tangible. Rhetorically, Trump officials described Iran as the root of all problems in the Middle East and as the greatest state sponsor of terror. Trump even suggested he might quit the deal.
In action, however, President Trump continued to waive sanctions and admitted that Iran was adhering to the deal. As a result, many concluded that Trump would continue to fulfill the obligations of the deal while sticking to his harsh rhetoric in order to appease domestic opponents of the nuclear deal—as well as Trump’s allies in Saudi Arabia and Israel.
But now, assessments are changing. The tangible danger of Trump’s malice on the Iran deal—as well as the danger of the advice of the “adults in the room”—became further clarified this week as tidbits of the reality TV star’s plans began to leak.
How to Wreck a Deal
Recognizing that refusing to certify Iran would isolate the United States, Trump’s advisors gave him another plan. Use the spot-inspections mechanism of the nuclear deal, they suggested, to demand access to a whole set of military sites in Iran. Once Iran balks—which it will since the mechanism is only supposed to be used if tangible evidence exists that those sites are being used for illicit nuclear activities—Trump can claim that Iran is in violation, blowing up the nuclear deal while shifting the blame to Tehran.
Thus, the advice of the adults in the room—those who we are supposed to restrain Trump—was not to keep the highly successful nuclear deal that has taken both an Iranian bomb and war with Iran off the table. Rather, they recommended killing it in a manner that would conceal Trump’s malice and shift the cost to Iran.
According to The New York Times, the groundwork for this strategy has already been laid. Senate Foreign Relations Chair Bob Corker (R-TN) calls this strategy “radical enforcement” of the deal. “If they don’t let us in,” Corker told The Washington Post, “boom.” Then he added: “You want the breakup of this deal to be about Iran. You don’t want it to be about the U.S., because we want our allies with us.”
This is a charade, a rerun of the machinations that resulted in the Iraq war. It doesn’t matter what Iran does or doesn’t do. If it were up to Trump, he’d never have accepted that Iran was in compliance in the first place. He admitted as much to the Wall Street Journal. “If it was up to me, I would have had them [the Iranians] non-compliant 180 days ago.”
Sounding supremely confident of the “radical implementation” strategy, Trump added that “I think they’ll be noncompliant [in October].” In so doing, he further confirmed doubts that the process is about determining whether Iran is in compliance or not. The administration is committed to finding a way to claim Iran has violated the accord, regardless of the facts—just as George W. Bush did with Iraq.
Potential for Backfire
But Trump’s confidence may be misplaced on two levels. First, abusing the inspection mechanisms of the deal may prove harder than Trump has been led to believe. The inspections are the cornerstone of the deal, and Iran’s ability to cheat on the deal is essentially non-existent as long as the integrity and efficiency of the inspections remain in tact. But if Trump begins to abuse the mechanism to fabricate a conflict, he will end up undermining the inspections regime and actually enhance the ability of those in Iran who would like to pursue a covert nuclear program. Precisely because of the commitment of Europe and others to non-proliferation, they are likely to resist Trump’s efforts to tinker with the inspections.
Second, by revealing his hand, Trump has displayed his duplicity for all to see. That includes the American public, whose anti-war sentiments remain strong and are a key reason they supported the nuclear deal in the first place.
The American public knows the Iraq playbook quite well. Trump’s own supporters remain enraged by the disastrous war with Iraq. They know how they got played. It’s difficult to imagine why they would allow themselves to get played again by a president who has left little doubt about his intent to deceive.

Friday, August 18, 2017

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Actress Patricia Heaton Slams CBS News Over Abortion Story in Iceland

Actress Patricia Heaton of ABC’s THE MIDDLE and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND slammed CBS in a tweet about recent news that Iceland has nearly “eliminated” down syndrome through abortions.
The tweet reads:

Patricia Heaton, who’s no stranger to the pro-life cause, nor speaking about it on Twitter had an epic response!

Since the tweet, Patricia has been retweeting adorable pictures of children with down syndrome.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I could not agree more....

If you still refuse to believe there is a coordinated attack on the European races and culture...

Google and click "Images" on the following:

White woman and children

White couple

White man and white woman

Happy American couple

This is all part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan from the 1920's and 1930's.  Adolf Hitler was the only world leader to fight this plan, unfortunately he lost.

The entire purpose of this is the attempted destruction of Christianity by destroying the European peoples and their once Christian culture.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Alex Jones let it slip out....

Alex Jones: A lot of KKK protesters are “Jewish actors” who look like the “cast of Seinfeld” with their hoods off

From the August 13 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:
ALEX JONES (HOST): Here's a little bit of audio of me like 18 years ago protesting the KKK. There’s no big crowd of Antifa there supporting me, and them threatening to kill me, everything else. And it later came out they were federal agents like I said. It wasn’t even real. I mean, quite frankly, I've been to these events, a lot of the KKK guys with their hats off look like they’re from the cast of Seinfeld. Literally they’re just Jewish actors. Nothing against Jews in general, but they are leftists Jews that want to create this clash and they go dress up as Nazis. I have footage in Austin -- we're going to find it somewhere here at the office -- where it literally looks like cast of Seinfeld or like Howard Stern in a Nazi outfit. They all look like Howard Stern. They almost got like little curly hair down, and they’re just up there heiling Hitler. You can tell they are totally uncomfortable, they are totally scared, and it’s all just meant to create the clash.