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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Obama signs the 

Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act

If you think Trump is opposed to this - THINK AGAIN!

Israel Demands World Internet Censorship

Israel calls on world nations to regulate social media anti-Semitism

I was listening to the Catholic Hour Radio show - and just thought i would add a little information on the history of Rome, since it was discussed a bit on the show.

I love history and the history of Ancient Rome is one of my favorite subjects of study.

Jesus was born during the reign of Augustus - The first Roman Emperor.

Our Lord was born at the very beginning of the Roman Empire, not the end or middle.  Prior to Augustus Rome was a Republic, not an Empire.

The Roman Empire in the West lasted until the the year 476 AD and in the East until the year 1453 when Constantinople fell to the Muslims.  The last Eastern Emperor died in 1502.

St. Augustine's amazing work - The City of God was written to the citizens of Rome who were blaming the Christians for the decline and decay of Rome.  It was written in the early 5th century shortly before Rome finally fell.

This brilliant work should be read by all Catholics.


Do not be deceived by this idea that Obama is acting unilaterally by imposing these recent executive orders.  Obama does and can do nothing unless his Jewish/Masonic masters order him to do it and Donald Trump is owned by the same masters.

Ignorant and/or brainwashed people keep falling into the narrative that there is some difference between presidential candidates - THERE IS NOT!  Some are not ignorant or brainwashed but are what is known as "controlled opposition" - these types are: Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc... there are also many smaller outlets of controlled opposition in the "alt right".

Presidents are puppets and the the same puppet masters pull the strings.



The United States is a Zionist Occupied Government and Trump is no exception!

How many times does the obvious need to be stated?  When all you hears is the same flap trap about how the liberals are pushing abortion, homosexuality, gun control, etc...


What people need to realize is WHY these things are allowed to continue regardless of who is President or what political party controls what branch of government, regardless of the makeup of the Supreme Court, etc...

Granted, small little meaningless victories are allowed to make it look like you still have a voice in this wicked government - BUT IT IS A RUSE.


I find it amazing when true Catholics have no problem seeing and admitting that Jews and Freemasons have usurped Rome and that it does not matter which heretic heads this false church, nothing changes.

But these same people cannot see that Jews and Freemasons run the United States and most of the Western world - and cannot see that it does not matter who the President is!

Do these people think that a true Pope can be elected in the Jewish/Masonic Vatican II sect?

If not - then why do they have such a difficult time seeing that the same thing applies to the United States!

This is how I feel every time someone who should know better spreads bovine excrement about National Socialist Germany or the Zionist shill Donald Trump!

And then I need to clean it up!

Have you ever wondered how it is that Germany after being nearly completely destroyed in two world wars still remains a viable nation and still is able to maintain a viable economy?

...Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, is a close friend of mine. On most issues connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we disagree. He is closer to the Israeli mainstream, and his positions resemble those of Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog. He once told me, during a frank and stern conversation, “For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” He’s a brilliant intellectual and a thoughtful politician, and we don’t need to worry – he won’t give up his existential friendship so easily. And certainly not because of Bennett or his colleague Orit Strock, the party whip...

Germany Approves Fifth 'Special' Submarine for Israel

Missile Boat Crisis Ends as Germany Gives Israel $382 Million Discount

Caught: Germany Bought Israel’s Nukes

Germany increases reparations for Holocaust survivors. 

Germany Has Paid Out More Than $61.8 Billion
in Third Reich Reparations

Truth fears no investigation.  

I am, quite frankly, sick and tired of people who do not take the time to research things before forming their opinions.


Here are some videos that will likely take less time in a week to watch than most people spend watching ridiculous TV programs:

Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told

Communism by the Back Door

Welcome to Greater Israel!
The tail will be wagging the dog under Donald Trump

Make Israel Great

More interesting quotes from Hitler in Mein Kampf.  

As you read what I have been quoting, it should be becoming very obvious why the establishment does not want you to read this book and why there are so many false versions of this book out there.

Let the superior quality of such a leader be once recognized and the result will be that a joint front will be organized against him, particularly if that leader, though not coming from their ranks, dares to push his way into the circles of the elect.

They want to have only their own company and will quickly take up a hostile attitude towards any man who may show himself obviously above and beyond them. Their instinct, which is so blind in other directions, is very sharp in this particular.

The inevitable result is that the intellectual level of the ruling class sinks steadily. One can easily forecast how much the nation and the State are bound to suffer from such a state of affairs, provided one does not belong to that same class of ‘leaders.’...

The only difference in the quote below is that today, the State does control the media, because the State is controlled by the Jews!

....By far the most effective part in political education, which, in this connection, is best expressed by the word ‘propaganda,’ is that played by the press.

The press is the chief means employed in the process of political ‘enlightenment’. It represents a kind of school for adults. This educational activity, however, is not in the hands of the State, but in the clutches of powers which are partly of a very inferior character.

While still a young man in Vienna, I had excellent opportunities for getting to know the men who owned this machine for mass instruction, as well as those who supplied it with the ideas it propagated. At first I was quite surprised when I realised how little time was necessary for this dangerous ‘Great Power’ within the State to produce a certain belief among the public— even when the genuine will and convictions of the public were completely misconstrued. 

It took the press only, a few days to transform some ridiculously trivial matter into an issue of national importance, while vital problems were completely ignored or shelved and hidden away from public attention. 

The press succeeded in the magic art of producing names from nowhere within the course of a few weeks. 

It made it appear that the great hopes of the masses were bound up with those names, and made their bearers more popular than many a man of real ability could ever hope to be in a long lifetime; at the same time old and tried figures in the political and other spheres of public life quickly faded from the public memory and were forgotten as if dead, though still in the full enjoyment of their health.

Yet these were names which only a month before, had been unknown and unheard-of. Sometimes such men were so vilely abused that it looked as if their names would soon stand as permanent symbols of the worst kind of baseness.

In order to estimate properly the really pernicious influence which the press can exercise one has only to study this infamous Jewish method whereby honourable and decent people are besmirched with mud and filth, in the form of low abuse and slander, from hundreds of quarters simultaneously, as if in response to some magic formula.
This is the REAL FAKE NEWS:

There are several videos exposing the fake news on Youtube, take the time to watch a few - some are funny in a scary sort of way, like this one:

Friday, December 30, 2016

How many Freemason and Occult societies have the US and Britain closed down in the last 100 years?
Answer... None

More from Mein Kampf - Stalag edition.

Here are some of Hitler's brilliant thoughts on Western Democracy:

Then I began to reflect seriously on the whole thing. I went to the parliament whenever I had any time to spare and watched the spectacle silently, but attentively. I listened to the debates, as far as they were intelligible, and I studied the more or less intelligent features of those ‘elect’ representatives of the various nationalities which composed that ill-fated State.

Gradually I formed my own ideas about what I saw. A year of such quiet observation was sufficient to transform, or completely destroy, my former opinion as to the character of this parliamentary institution.

I no longer opposed merely the perverted form which the principle of parliamentary representation had assumed in Austria. It had become impossible for me to accept the system in itself.

Up to that time I had believed that the disastrous, deficiencies of the Austrian parliament were due to the lack of a German majority, but now I recognised that the institution itself was wrong in its very essence and character.

A number of problems presented themselves to my mind. I studied more closely the democratic principle of ‘decision by majority vote,’ and I scrutinised no less carefully the intellectual and moral worth of the gentlemen who as ‘the chosen representatives of the nation’ were entrusted with the task of making this institution function.

Thus it happened that at one and the same time I came to know the institution itself and those of whom it was composed, and it was thus that, within the course of a few years, I came to form a clear and vivid picture of the average type of that most highly worshipped phenomenon of our time—the parliamentarian. The picture of him which I then formed became deeply engraved on my mind and I have never altered it since, at least as far as essentials go.

Once again these object-lessons taken from real life saved me from getting firmly entangled by a theory which at first sight seems so alluring to many people; though that theory itself is a symptom of human decadence.

Democracy, as practised in Western Europe to-day, is the forerunner of  Marxism. In fact, the latter would not be conceivable without the former. Democracy is the breeding ground in which the bacilli of the Marxist worldpest can grow and spread. By the introduction of parliamentarianism, democracy produced an abortion of ‘filth and fire,’ the fire of which, however, seems to have died out. 

I am more than grateful to Fate that this problem came to my notice when I was still in Vienna, for if I had been in Germany at that time, I might easily have found only a superficial solution. If I had been in Berlin, when I first discovered what a ridiculous thing this institution was, which we called parliament, I might easily have gone to the other extreme and believed (as many people believed, and apparently not without good reason) that the salvation of the people and the Reich could be secured only by restrengthening the principle of imperial authority.

Those who held this belief did not discern the tendencies of their time and were blind to the aspirations of the people.

In Austria one could not be so easily misled. There it was impossible to fall from one error into another. If the parliament were worthless, the Habsburgs were worse, or at least not in the slightest degree better. The problem was not solved by rejecting the parliamentary system.

Immediately the question arose: what then? To repudiate and abolish the Reichsrat would have resulted in leaving all power in the hands of the Habsburgs. For me especially, that idea was impossible.

Since this problem was especially difficult in regard to Austria, I went into the whole question more thoroughly than I otherwise should have done at that early age. The aspect of the situation that first made the most striking impression on me and gave me grounds for serious reflection was the manifest lack of any individual responsibility in the representative body.

Parliament passes some act or decree which may have the most devastating consequences, yet nobody bears the responsibility for it. 

Nobody can be called to account, for surely one cannot say that a Cabinet discharges its responsibility when it resigns after having brought about a catastrophe. 

Or can we say that the responsibility is fully discharged when a new coalition is formed or parliament dissolved? Can a fluctuating majority ever be held responsible for anything? Can the principle of responsibility mean anything else than the responsibility of a definite person? 

Is it possible to call the leader of any government to account for any action, the preparations for and execution of which are the outcome of the wishes and inclination of a majority? Is it not considered right that, instead of developing constructive ideas and plans, the business of a statesman consists in the art of making a whole pack of blockheads understand his projects so that they will grant him their generous consent?

Is it an indispensable quality in a statesman that he should possess a gift of persuasion commensurate with the statesman’s ability to plan a far-reaching policy and take important decisions?

Does it really prove that a statesman is incompetent if he should fail to gain a majority of votes in support of a definite scheme in an assembly which is the haphazard result of a more or less honest election?

Has there ever been a case where such an assembly has comprehended a great political scheme before that scheme was put into practice and its greatness openly demonstrated through its success?

In this world is not the creative act of the genius always a protest against the inertia of the mass? What shall the statesman do if he does not succeed in coaxing the parliamentary multitude to give its consent to his policy? Shall he purchase that consent?

Or, when confronted with the obstinate stupidity of his fellow-citizens, should he refrain from pushing forward with the measures which lie deems to be of vital necessity to the life of the nation?

Should he resign or remain in power? In such circumstances does not a man of character find himself face to face with an insoluble contradiction between his own political insight on the one hand and, on the other, his sense of decency or, better still, of honesty?

Where can we draw the line between duty to the public and the obligation under which personal honour places a man? Must not every genuine leader renounce the idea of degrading himself to the level of a political jobber?

And, on the other hand, does not every jobber feel the itch to ‘play politics,’ seeing that the final responsibility will never rest with him personally, but with an anonymous mass which can never be called to account for its actions? Must not our parliamentary principle of government by numerical majority necessarily had to the destruction of the principle of leadership?

Does anybody honestly believe that human progress originates in the composite brain of the majority and not in the brain of the individual? Or, is it presumed that in the future, human civilisation will be able to dispense with this as a condition of its existence? 

Is not the creative brain of the individual more indispensable to-day than ever before? 

The parliamentary principle of vesting legislative power in the decision of the majority rejects the authority of the individual and puts in its place the strength of the majority in question. In doing so, it contradicts the aristocratic principle, which is a fundamental law of Nature, but of course, we must remember that the aristocratic principle need not be exemplified by the upper ten thousand to-day. 

The devastating influence of this modem and democratic parliamentary institution might not easily be recognised by those who read the Jewish press, unless the reader has learned how to think independently and to examine the facts for himself.

This institution is primarily responsible for the inrush of second-rate people into the field of politics. Confronted with such a phenomenon, a man who is endowed with real qualities of leadership will be tempted to refrain from taking part in political life, because under these conditions the situation does not call for a man who has a capacity for constructive statesmanship, but rather for a man who is, capable of bargaining for the favour of the majority. 

All the more will this activity appeal to small minds and will attract them accordingly. The narrower the mental outlook, the more insignificant the ability and the more accurate the estimate such a political jobber has of his own inferiority, the more will he be inclined to appreciate a system which does not demand creative genius or even high-class talent, but rather that crafty kind of sagacity which makes an efficient town clerk, and even prefers this kind of petty craftiness to the political genius of a Pericles

How applicable this is today, especially in the United States of America and the EU
The truth about Trump and US elections.

take the time to watch the video below and try very hard to peek past the blindfold that you may have on!

The ONLY way that America can change for the better is when enough people wake up and realize that our elections are a joke.  The United States is a Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG).

In any significant election, BOTH CANDIDATES are owned!

We can no longer play this damnable game!  

All the fighting over who was more evil, Hillary or Trump accomplished what?  We still have an evil traitor as the apparent leader of this nation.  (the reality is that the leader of this nation is in Tel Aviv!


Trump is not one iota better than Hillary - THEY ARE TWO PEAS IN THE SAME ZIONIST/COMMUNIST POD!

Boy Scouts on transgender youths: We defer to birth certificates

We can thank the destruction of one of the last good youth organizations on the planet to Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  And you can bet it is only a matter of time before "transgenders" are allowed.

Rex Tillerson was the National President of Boy Scouts of America from 2010 until 2012. 

 "After the end of his term as as BSA president, he remained on the organization's National Executive Board. There he played a significant role in the board's 2013 decision to rescind the long-standing ban on openly gay youth as members. According to Center for Strategic and International Studies president John Hamre, Tillerson was instrumental in the change and "a key leader in helping the group come to a consensus."[34][37]

The late Bishop Louis was a strong supporter of Boy Scouts of America and even recorded a talk about Boy Scouts for my oldest son's Eagle Scout ceremony.  (my youngest son had to quit BSA, thanks to Tillerson's promotion of gay scouts and morally destroying the organization)

Bishop Louis did not live to see the BSA change it's rules, thanks to Trump's Secretary of State pick, change it's rules to allow homosexuals into this once great organization.

It makes me sick to think that anyone can believe that Trump is good for America when he picks morally bankrupt people like Tillerson for key positions in his administration!

What decent person would have anything to do with the man responsible for morally destroying one of the last character building organizations for youth let in the world?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Netanyahu slams Kerry's speech after thanking Trump for 'warm friendship'

Anyone who has a "warm friendship" with the leader of the most anti-Christ nation on the planet is no one I would ever trust or support!

The Nazis were going to gas Soocha Renay, but she collapsed so they just took her to the hospital instead 😂

Conservative Christians pan 'prosperity gospel' Trump inaugural preacher

Prominent conservative Christians are up in arms about President-elect Trump's choice of a controversial televangelist to deliver one of the prayers at his inauguration on Jan. 20.
Florida's Paula White, age 50, will join Franklin Graham, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and other religious leaders in participating in the Trump inaugural festivities. Unlike the others, White is a proponent of the "prosperity gospel" — the belief that God blesses the faithful with health and wealth — who has come under attack for her theology, marital history and finances.
"Paula White is a trinity denying heretic," wrote conservative Christian commentator Erick Erickson. "She rejects the Council of Nicaea's creed that every Christian accepts. To reject the orthodoxy of the Nicene Creed is to reject Christianity itself."
"Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe," echoed Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission....

Trump is no different than Hillary or Obama and thankfully, more and more people are waking up to this fact!

Ariana Grande speaks out about objectification after fan encounter

"Ariana Grande has a Problem with our culture's reductive view of women, and she’s not going to be silent about it anymore....

....For Grande, being discussed as if she were not present — and being reduced to a "piece of meat" in the process — left her feeling "sick and objectified."...


Yes, this moron is complaining about the culture that objectifies women and of being objectified by men!

WikiLeaks calls on Obama to submit proof of Russian hacking for verification

Following Barack Obama’s vow to take action against Russia for its alleged hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta’s emails, WikiLeaks has suggested the president upload any documents to its whistleblowing site for verification.
In a tweet on Friday from the WikiLeaks Twitter account, the whistleblowing website encouraged Obama to “submit any Putin documents” to them so they can “be authenticated to our standards if he wants them to be seen as credible.”

Facebook admits handing thousands of its users’ details over to British authorities

I am so glad I deleted my facebook account - could not continue to be part of that perverted social media network

1 Christian killed for their faith every 6 minutes in 2016 – study

Ninety thousand Christians were murdered for their faith around the globe this year, which amounts to one being killed every six minutes, Italy’s CESNUR religious study group said.
Christians are now the most persecuted religious group in the world, Massimo Introvigne, director of the Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), told Vatican Radio.
According to CESNUR statistics, around 500,000 Christians around the globe are unable to practice their faith completely freely, Introvigne said.

Coming soon to a town near you!

"When diplomacy ends, war begins." Adolf Hitler.

US expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes 2 compounds

Thirty-five Russian diplomats have been expelled from the US, according to a statement from State Department. President Obama described those expelled as “intelligence operatives,” also announcing the closure of two Russian compounds, in New York and Maryland.
The Russian diplomats would be given 72 hours to leave US soil. They are expelled for acting in a "manner inconsistent with their diplomatic status," the statement reads.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What do you call a busload of Jews on the way to prison??


Socialism has more than one definition and depending on who is using the term and in what context it can be a good thing or a bad thing.

It has been stated that Socialism is always bad or evil.  This is simply not true.  Marxist socialism, as an ideology, is wrong and evil, of this there is no doubt.

The Church strongly condemned this type of socialism, but not all forms of socialism.

All governments have some element of socialism within them, and this is necessary.  For example the collecting of taxes from the masses and then using these funds to build roads and bridges for the benefit of all is a form of socialism.  

As further evidence that not all socialism is bad or evil, we have the fact that Pope Pius XI signed a concordat with National Socialist Germany.   That Pope Pius XII, who reigned during all of WWII and until his death in 1958, more than a decade after the end of the war, never once condemned National Socialist Germany and never once excommunicated a single member of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) known by the slur "Nazi".  

I bring all of this up that you will not be deceived by deceivers or those duped by deceivers into thinking that all socialism is the same as Marxist Socialism or that the National Socialists in Germany were a type of Marxism.

Hitler himself addressed this issue:

I warned all that I could, if you voted for, or worse yet, encouraged others to vote for Donald Trump, you would be exposed as a fool....

Trump’s Israel Advisor Tapped to Run ‘All Types’ of World Negotiations

Trump sends a message to Israel

He is filling the swamp - with Christ hating/denying Jews!  He is not one bit different than Hillary!  In fact, I submit that he is more dangerous, because now all the unthinking morons who supported him will not admit their stupidity and continue to back him and make excuses for him!

Mein Kampf

I have just begun reading a translation of Mein Kampf known as the Stalag Edition.  It is presented as a reproduction of an English translation officially authorized by the NSDAP (Nazi) Party and was placed in the libraries of all English speaking POW camp libraries.

I purchased it from Barnes & Noble and on the back of the book they actually state the following:

"This official translation is not to be confused with the "James Murphy" or "Ralph Mannheim" translations, both of which were edited, abridged, ultimately unauthorized.  The Murphy and Mannheim editions both left out major sections of text, and contained long, clunky, badly-translated and almost unintelligibly long sentences.

In sharp contrast, the only authorized "Stalag" edition contains none of these complicated and unnecessarily confused constructions, and is extremely easy to read, and anyone familiar with the other versions will immediately notice.  Most importantly, this only authorized edition contains the full text of the original German-and none of the deliberately inserted racial pejoratives used in the Murphy and Mannheim versions, words which Hitler never actually used in the original."

World renowned historian David Irving has stated that he does not believe there is any translation of this book that has not been tampered with by the victories Allies.

I asked "Dennis Wise", the creator of, Adolf Hitler, the Greatest Story Never Told, which translation he would recommend, and he recommended this "Stalag" edition and hence I am reading it.

Granted, I not that deep into it, but I am finding it very interesting and that Adolf Hitler was an astute observer of humanity and appears to have had great compassion for the poor.  He also is clearly not an atheist as many falsely proclaim.

Here are a few that I have come upon that really stuck out to me:

"The way of looking at history which was developed in me through my study of history in school never left me afterwards.  World history became more and more an inexhaustible source fro the understanding of contemporary historical events, which means politics.  Therefore, I would not "learn" history, but let history teach me."

Speaking of living in Vienna in abject poverty (at a young age after the untimely death of his parents), Hitler said:

"At the time my lot in life seemed to me a harsh one; but today I see in it the wise workings of Providence.  Adversity had me in its grip and often threatened to smash me; but the will grew stronger as the obstacles increased and finally the will triumphed.

I am thankful for that period of my life, because it hardened me and enabled me to be hard, and I am even more thankful because I appreciate the fact that I was thus saved from the emptiness of a life of ease and that a mother's darling was taken from comfortable surroundings and handed over to Adversity as to a new mother.

Though I rebelled against it as too hard a fate, I am grateful that I was cast, against my wishes, into a world of misery and poverty and thus came to know the people for whom i was afterwards to fight." 

The following quote I found very interesting, because I have had the same experience numerous times:

"I found it difficult to understand how men, who always had reasonable ideas when I spoke to them as individuals, suddenly lost this reasonableness the moment they came under the influence of the mass.  (today, it would be the mass media).  I was often on the verge of despair.

When, after talking to them for hours, I was convinced that I had, at last broken the ice or made them see the error of their way of thinking, and was sincerely pleased.  I would often find to my disgust that the next day I had to begin all over again.  All my efforts had been in vain.  With pendulum-like regularity they swung back to their original opinions."  (personally, I think today they swing back because they go home and bombard themselves with TV, radio etc and the brainwashing begins anew).

As Hitler began to become aware of the Jewish problem, which included Marxism, he began to ponder the question and his insights on it are quite spiritual if one thinks about what he said below:

"As I critically reviewed the activities of the Jewish people throughout long periods of history I became perplexed and asked myself whether, for inscrutable reasons beyond the comprehension of pure mortals such as ourselves, Destiny might not have irrevocably decreed that the final victory should go to this small people?

May it not be that this people which lives only for the things of this earth has been promised this earth as a reward?

Have we, from the objective point of view, a right to fight for self preservation, or is this right subjective?

Fate answered the question for me inasmuch as it led me to make a detached and exhaustive inquiry into the Marxist teaching and the activities of the Jewish people in connection with it.  The Jewish doctrine of Marxism repudiates the aristocratic principal of Nature and substitutes for the eternal right of might and strength, the dead weight of sheer numbers.  Thus it denies the individual worth of the human personality, disputes the teaching that nationality and race are of primary significance, and by doing this deprives man of the very foundations of his existence and civilization.

If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind...Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind...

Nature, the eternal, takes a merciless vengeance on those who defy her laws.  Therefore I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.  In resisting the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord."

How International Jewry declared a Holy War on Germany

A Man in California Is Fighting a Caffeine DUI, and the State Won't Back Down

Police State 101!

People laugh this off and say that the charges will never stick.  This may be so, but what is being overlooked is what this poor man is going through because of this!  

The Truth Fears No Investigation:

We cannot even begin to understand the world today, unless we firmly grasp the truth of what happened prior to and during World War II.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Know your enemy!

Which is true courage?

Thanks to Oliver Stone, Thousands of JFK Assassination Files To Be Released

Read more:

Here is a preview of the files soon to be released:

Israel vows to defy U.N. on settlements

BTW - do not be fooled by all this nonsense about Obama and Israel being at odds, it is a ruse.  This is all a set up so that when Trump comes into office and starts licking the boots of Israel, it will look like he is doing something conservative and against Obama!