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Monday, January 13, 2014

I am currently reading a book that I picked up at a resale shop.  It is called:

A History of Private Life
From Pagan Rome to Byzantium

Published by:

The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press
Cambridge, Massachusetts
and London, England

Copyright 1987 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College

On Page 433 in the Chapter titled:
The Early Middle Ages in the West

In the paragraph that I am quoting from the 9th century is being discussed and the subject is the Jewish communities.

here is the quote of interest:

"The community designated one of its members to negotiate with the goyim, or pagans - in reality Christians - over problems of coexistence, taxes, and so forth, with the results that the Gallo-Romans and Franks knew nothing about the inward, intimate life of Jewish families living among them.  The hermetic solitude of the Jewish communities, coupled with the intellectual superiority of the Jews, who digested huge volumes of abstract commentaries on Scripture, aroused fantasies in the minds of Christians confronted by these autonomous, anonymous, but fiercely unified groups, these roving traders who made homes in one place, but seemed to have roots elsewhere - in Spain, Egypt, Italy, and the like."

Can you imagine if Harvard published a book in the late 1980's that would proclaim the supposed "intellectual superiority" of whites, men, or any other race or nationality?  Do you think such a thing would be tolerated?

If the Jews are so intellectually superior, how come their homeland is still a shithole constantly at war with all of its neighbors? What does Israel have that the supposedly inferior nations do not have?  Why have these superior people not created the most perfect society in their supposed homeland?

There are a great many people who actually believe that Jews as a whole are smarter than the rest of us.  This is total bovine excrement.  They will say that the reason Jews are so successful in banking, Hollywood, making money, etc... is because they are a very intelligent people. 

This is ridiculous, Jews are no more or less intelligent than any other group of people.

What does differentiate them is their racist and evil religion.  A religion that teaches that it is perfectly fine to screw over gentiles, a religion that allows them to say a prayer that releases them from all oaths that they will take in the coming year, a religion that teaches that Jews are superior to all others and that other races and peoples are no different than cattle.

It is not hard to understand why a people who believes such things would become very wealthy in worldly things.  It has nothing to do with intelligence, it has to do with ruthlessness and no care or concern for fellow human beings.

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