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Monday, June 17, 2013

I have long suspected that the Koch brothers - billionaire neocons who pay off politicians throughout the nation - and the big supporters of Scott Walker and Paul Ryan were Jewish - but I never found strong evidence of this.  I know that one of the brothers is a huge promoter of the theory of evolution and even mocks God with a portrait of a monkey in the place of God reaching his finger toward man.  He is also a supporter of homosexual perverts.

But today I came upon strong evidence - if not proof that they are Jews:

The Top Jewish Donors and Jewish Giving: Why the Disconnect?

by Robert Evans and Avrum Lapin

The list of the 60 top charitable contributions in 2008 includes some remarkable gifts. They totaled $15.78 billion, up from a cumulative total of $7.79 billion in 2007, which was the best year ever for recorded charitable giving in the United States. That said, we wonder aloud how the Jewish donors on the list are making their Jewish charitable decisions and why their giving has not been directed for Jewish priorities.

In fact, of the donors identified on the just-released Slate 60/Chronicle of Philanthropy listing, 16 of the individuals highlighted are either Jewish by birth or affiliation. Prominent on the updated annual list are Leona Helmsley, whose $5 billion estate was settled in 2008 and represented the single largest charitable gift in 2008. Other Jewish donors included New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, Stephen Schwartzman, David Koch, and Eli Broad, all of whom who made a place of prominence on the list of the most charitable Americans along with Henry Kravis, Ronald Perelman, Stewart and Linda Resnick, Sheldon Adelson, Andrew Tisch, and Peter Lewis. - See more at:

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