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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feds say Iran’s support for terrorism growing

The State Department on Thursday released its annual analysis of terrorism and it backs up President Obama’s claim that al Qaeda “is on the path to defeat” in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but that Iran is stepping up its own support of terrorists...

... pile of bovine excrement.  
The real message about this announcement is the government is back to considering a new 9-11 false-flag to be blamed on Iran.
But why would Iran do something that stupid? Why would Iran carry out any action that hands the US the excuse to go to war? The answer is that Iran isn't that stupid. The US Government simply hopes you are!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Greece threatens labor camp for poor taxpayers

The Greeks continue now argue against the decisions of their government.Nieuwblad – by Kristof Simoens [Translated from Dutch]

If it depends on the government in Athens, Greeks who fly their taxes can not pay the jail. And that from an outstanding debt of 5,000 euros. One consolation: they do not have to share with rapists, murderers, drug dealers or the cell.

It goes from bad to worse with Greece.To force people to pay their taxes and make the legendary tax evasion in the country, so rid the government in Athens a bill ready with a serious stick: imprisonment.

Whom the tax is payable 5,000 and no repayment plan can present within the four months to a year risking prison.From $ 10,000 is at least a half cell, from 50,000 euros a year from 150,000 euro up to three years in prison.

“The government is looking for an army camp in the Attica region to people who have debts to the tax authorities serving their sentences,” confirmed the Deputy Minister for Justice in the Greek Parliament. A “humane” solution, will the Government to avoid. Touch with rapists, drug dealers, murderers and other criminals

The punished Greeks will also have to work to repay their debt to the community or in agriculture: every day (compulsory) labor will thereby count as two days in jail.

Human or not, “this will be the hatred of the current politics and government only increase,” says our countryman Bruno Tersago, who moved to Greece in 2000. ”More and more Greeks can simply not pay their taxes and the government throws it in a heap with the real fraudsters. “ Greece is therefore for six consecutive years in recession and the Greeks four (27.2 percent) is without a job. With more than 60 percent youth unemployment takes even hallucinatory proportions.

Yet even this measure receives the Greeks no longer on the street. ”Strikes and demonstrations take nothing more; riot police intervene immediately,” says Tersago. ”But as this government is the extreme right party Golden Dawn get rich.”

This is coming to America - guaranteed! When are the plebs going to revolt and stand up to these zio-trash banksters - how much more will it take?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This is a MUST SEE.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed
Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.
“I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom “Will and Grace,” giving Jews a large part of the credit for both. 
“I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good. ”,,,

Imagine my surprise!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gay Fla. teen charged for underage girlfriend

The homosexual perverts are now making their push to lower the legal age of consent. If my 14 year old daughter had sex with an 18 year old man I WOULD BE FURIOUS and would demand that justice - but because it is a homosexual relationship - the unthinking masses think it is just fine. FOURTEEN - that is a child - 14 - think about it 14! so much for sweet 16 huh! What a sick freakin' world we live in - no only does our society now accept the perversion of homosexuality - it also accepts pedophilia!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Remember - the Arabs "hate us for our freedom" as you watch this and lean that the IRS demanded the content of prayers of pro-life groups!

Proposal gives Scott Walker administration more power to sell state property

Madison - Gov. Scott Walker's administration would gain broad authority to sell state property - including prisons, highways, heating plants and university dormitories - under a plan legislators will take up Tuesday...

Proceeds would be used to chip away at the state's $8 billion debt, but the state entities that formerly owned the properties might not see any benefit from the sales. So, a dorm built with student fees could potentially be sold to pay down the debt for a highway expansion, or vice versa.
Critics say the plan that's part of the GOP governor's budget proposal could saddle the state with higher day-to-day costs - such as buying power and steam to heat prisons and dorms - after it sells the properties...

Under the governor's plan, the state also could negotiate sales with individual buyers without going through a public bidding process. Any sales would have to go through a "competitive and transparent process," though that process is not defined and includes no explanation of how negotiations with a single buyer could be competitive...

Get ready Wisconsin - this tyrant is going to sell of our highways paid for by the taxpayers of this state to private and likely foreign companies - with no public bidding process and then the toll roads will begin - he is also going to sell prisons, university dorms, and power plants - power plants paid for by us! All of this will fall into the hands of private corporations which will make HUGE profits once they obtain them and guess who is going to pay through the nose!  People of Wisconsin - prepare to buy your "I-Pass" cards to have the privilege to use the highways that  YOU paid for!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is true "anti-Semitism" - and also complete apostasy - I guess St. Paul would have been condemned for his letter to the Hebrews by this apostate BOGUS church that claims to be "Catholic"!

Koch stresses 'no conversion of Jews'

17 May 2013

Cardinal Kurt Koch forcefully emphasised that the Church's relations with Jews are different in kind from its relations with all other religions.
"We Christians must not bear witness in relation to the Jews to a path of salvation which is completely foreign to them, as we do with other religions," the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Commission for Religious Relations with Jews said on a visit to Jerusalem last week.
"This is because the New Testament is built up totally on the basis of the Old Testament. The Catholic Church therefore does not have an organised Jewish mission, as certain Evangelical groups do."
The cardinal was speaking at a fringe meeting of the Joint Commission for Jewish-Catholic Dialogue on 9 May.

....the term "anti-Semitism" is not accurate - but I used it because it is the common term used today

Saturday, May 11, 2013

THE REAL HOLOCAUST - the one you hear nothing about - the one Hollywood never makes movies or TV shows about, the one that is never in the headlines of the newspapers, the one in which the public schools never ask the survivors to speak to their students about, the one that public schools NEVER teach their students about.  This actual Holocaust is the reason that the myth of the Nazi "holocaust" was invented - to cover the crimes of the Jewish Bolsheviks by attributing what they actually did to their enemies - the Nazis, and in typical arrogant fashion - they made themselves the victims of the mythical "Holocaust".  But, since these same Jewish Bolsheviks control the media in most of the western world - we will never hear the truth unless we take the time to dig for it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fast-food workers in Detroit walk off job, disrupt business

By Steve Neavling and Lisa Baertlein
(Reuters) - Hundreds of fast-food employees in Detroit walked off the job on Friday, temporarily shuttering a handful of outlets as part of a growing U.S. worker movement that is demanding higher wages for flipping burgers and operating fryers.
The protests in the Motor City - which is struggling to recover from the hollowing out of its auto manufacturing sector - marked an expansion in organized actions by fast-food workers from ubiquitous chains owned by McDonald's Corp, Burger King Worldwide and KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut parent Yum Brands Inc.
Fast-food workers, who already have taken to the streets in New York, Chicago and St. Louis, are seeking to roughly double their hourly pay to $15 per hour from around minimum wage, which in Michigan is $7.40 per hour.
Organizers said more than 400 people turned out for the Detroit event, the most to date.
They also said the walk-outs forced the temporary closures of two McDonald's restaurants, a Burger King, a Subway, a Long John Silver's and a Popeyes in Detroit - a claim some chains disputed...

IT IS ABOUT TIME!  Finally workers are beginning to demand a fair wage - now if workers in other industries would start DEMANDING a LIVING WAGE - perhaps mothers could once again stay home and raise their children!  It is high time to organize!
US State Department Policy on Holocaust Issues

Hmm - is there a US State Department policy on the hundreds of millions of Christians who were murdered and lost property under the Soviet Union? Is there a Christian Holocaust Memorial Museum? Do they have guest speakers at public schools that survived the Communist extermination of Christians?

How did water from Earth end up on the moon? Scientist's analysis of lunar rocks find moisture is identical to our own

  • Lunar rocks brought home by US astronauts contain droplets of water chemically identical to those on Earth
  • Research may change our understanding of the Moon's formation

  • Read more:
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    gee - why don't they consider the obvious - that the rocks are not from the lunar surface - but are from earth?  The evidence is overwhelming that we never went to the moon - but they keep perpetuating the lie!

    Wednesday, May 08, 2013

    May 8th, 2013 is Texas-Israel Day

    Slavish Texas Reps to Enact Absurd Annual “Texas-Israel Day” May 8th  

    By Martin Hill

    Despite constantly promoting a ‘fiercely independent’ public relations image, submissive Texas legislators will declare May 8th “Texas-Israel Day” in the State Capitol. Like theircompromised counterparts in the U.S. Congress, the subservient Reps will pronounce the official resolution next week. State Senator John Carona and Rep. Stefani Carter have taken up the cause and will read the declaration.

    Like so many U.S. politicians and Presidents, Texas lawmakers have taken “legislative trips to Israel” for years. On March 21 2013, they passed H.R. 44, “Commending Israel for its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with the United States and the State of Texas and supporting Israel in its legal, historical, moral, and God-given right of self-governance and self-defense.”

    A group called the “Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce” has posted an announcement on its website about the “Texas-Israel Day” event:

    “On May 8th State Sen. John Carona and State Rep. Stefani Carter have each agreed to sponsor resolutions in the Texas House and Senate respectively that will proclaim May 8 to be Texas-Israel Day. Please plan to join us in Austin at the Capitol that day, as the Texas-Israel Chamber group will be recognized in each legislative chamber. A room is reserved at the Capitol convenient to both chambers where the meetings will be held with key legislators and hear speakers throughout the day. This is a great opportunity for us to highlight the many opportunities Texas and Israel have to work together. Our greatest opportunity right now is in Water Management. The state realizes that we have a big problem and Israel has invented the solution. Gov. Perry has decided to take $2 billion from the Rainy Day fund and spend it on upgrading water infrastructure in the state. The day will primarily focus on educating our legislators about Israeli water technology before this legislative session ends. CEO Clare Freeman is working with the Governor’s office and the Water Management Board to plan the day for maximum impact.”

    Another page on their site, TEXAS-ISRAEL DAY AT THE CAPITOL MAY 8, notes:
    “We plan to use this day as an opportunity to educate legislators and key stakeholders about the very close relationship between Texas and Israel. We will highlight Israeli water conservation and desalination technologies that can dramatically help the citizens of Texas solve the very serious water shortage problems we face in the immediate future. This day is a huge opportunity for Texas-Israel Chamber members to meet face to face with our legislators and educate them on the many ways Texas and Israel are so closely connected… I hope you will join us and contribute to our effort. The more people we have in Austin supporting Texas and Israel, the bigger an impression we can make on state lawmakers.”

    Reaction to the announcement of “Texas-Israel Day” was largely negative among Texans. North Texas resident Mike Devasher was perplexed. “I can’t figure out for the life of me what Israel has to do with Texas or Texas history. This makes as much sense as declaring a ‘Texas-Rhodesia Day’. I object to Texas being tied to that filthy terrorist nationette who threatens the world with their undeclared nuclear program that, to date, has Israel in possession of over 300 nuclear- warheads and has never been properly investigated by the IAEA or held accountable by any other nuclear watch-dog agency. It appears that jewish House speaker Joe Strauss has finally inserted the Zionist influence that every Texan has feared he would do once he became Speaker.”

    Russell Shipp, who supported Ron Paul for president, said “What the hell?! An Annual Texas Israel day? Unless Israel is ready to recognize Texas as its own nation (and given their view on Palestine, I doubt that’s the case) I see no point to this and I also see some Constitutional restrictions – given the fact that states can not engage in international diplomacy, and this is nothing but. How dare they waste our money and the people’s time on something so frivolous and ultimately unconstitutional. A TX Israel day?… I had no idea.”

    Despite the cartoonish “Don’t Mess With Texas” slogan which the state plasters all over billboards, the so-called political leadership in Texas is actually very sycophantic towards the Israeli lobby and tyrannical towards it’s own people. It’s armed revenue agents regularly engage in all sorts of barbaric intrusions, conducting obscene cavity searches of innocent women on the roadside, arresting veterans for legally carrying their firearms, waking up off-duty truck drivers in violation of federal law, shooting innocent family pets for no reason, killing innocent people in botched drug raids, stealing children from their parents and then and abusing them, etc. The so-called Texas Dept. of Children Services is particularly notorious for hiring perverts, who then abuse innocent children. Meanwhile the lawmakers, who supposedly represent the people of Texas, obsess on a warmongering foreign nation which should have nothing whatsoever to do with the Lone Star State.

    The two Texas state lawmakers who are spearheading the proclamation of the “Texas-Israel Day” Resolution can be reached here: Stefani Carter can be reached in Austin, TX at (512)463-0454 Fax: (512)463-1121 or Richardson, (972)661-9649 , (972)661-9679 and Fax (972)661-1338. Her e-mail is On her newsletter, Carter says “As always, I am honored to be your voice in Austin.” John Carona can be reached by e-mail here or by phone in Austin: (512)463-0116 Fax: (512)463-3135 or Dallas: (214)378-5751 Fax: (214)378-5739

    No word on whether the TX Reps will proclaim a U.S.S. Liberty Day, Lavon Affair Day, Jonathan Pollard Day, Salvador Smecke Day, or a ‘Dancing Israelis Day’ to follow up on next Wednesday’s Texas-Israel celebration.

    Sunday, May 05, 2013

    An update on the hero of the zio-neocons - Wisconsin's communist Governor - SCOTT WALKER!

    Amid 1,000 layoffs in Wisconsin, Scott Walker gets no love from U.S. Chamber

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker traveled to Washington, D.C., earlier this week for America’s Small Business Summit, an annual event hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    There, Walker appeared on a special panel titled “How to Lead Enterprising States,” joining with the governors of Maine and Pennsylvania.

    “I participated in a good discussion about what we’ve done, and what we can continue to do, to help small businesses grow and thrive,” Walker said in summing up the trip for his weekly radio address.
    Unfortunately, the U.S. Chamber, in a report released at the event, didn’t share Walker’s enthusiasm.

    Its annual scorecard on state economies ranked Wisconsin 44th for overall economic performance and 50th — as in dead last — for short-term job growth as measured between September 2010 and November 2012. It also has Wisconsin 39th in “business climate” — on par with the state’s ranking under Gov. Jim Doyle.

    In fairness to Walker, some of the data in the report predates his election. For example, Wisconsin ranks 36th in per capita income growth over the past 10 years.

    But the Chamber report capped a very tough patch for Walker, who remains on a mission to try to boost the economy by cutting taxes, reducing red tape and offering up more incentives to the private sector.

    Several recent major layoffs in Wisconsin suggest things are getting worse rather than better:

    • Fidelity National Information Services Inc., the financial technology company that acquired Metavante Technologies Inc. in 2009, told state officials it plans to cut 301 employees when it permanently closes its operations in Milwaukee. The company closed its Madison offices in 2010, eliminating 157 jobs.

    • Cleveland-based Eaton Corp. announced it will lay off 130 hourly production employees and 33 salaried employees at its Pewaukee Cooper Power Systems Division facility as it outsources production to Mexico.

    • Baraboo-based Foremost Farms, one of the state's largest dairy cooperatives, said it is closing a cheese plant and idling another plant indefinitely, resulting in more than 100 employee layoffs.

    BuySeasons Inc., an Internet costume retailer in New Berlin, laid off dozens of workers across various departments.

    Those layoffs followed the news that Caterpillar is eliminating up to 300 positions at its Milwaukee-area factories by June. Combined, you’re looking at close to 1,000 job cuts over the past month, many in well-paying positions in financial services, manufacturing, agriculture and retailing.

    Some Walker critics might see the layoffs as another example of how the Republican governor is failing to deliver on his promise to create 250,000 new private jobs during his first term.

    Other critics, though, say the job cuts suggest that waging war on public-sector worker unions,
    cutting funding for public education and proclaiming the state “open for business” won’t magically turn Wisconsin into a new economy powerhouse.

    “What it says to me is that political rhetoric is irrelevant,” says Jack Norman, past research director at the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future.

    Norman says companies make hiring and other decisions based on demand for their products and whether they can do business better in a different location. The effect of government policies is somewhere on the fringe, he says.

    On the other hand, Norman says one could argue the cuts to public worker take-home pay and other cost-savings measures under Walker have actually made Wisconsin’s economy worse. Here is a graphic showing job growth in Wisconsin before and after he took office.

    “I think we’re seeing a local version of the austerity vs. investment debate going on across the capitalist world,” says Norman. “And right now, some countries are getting rid of their austerity policies because they aren’t working.”

    Closer to home, Minnesota is apparently choosing investment over austerity. The state needs to close a $627 million deficit but is also looking to direct more aid to local governments to reduce property taxes, increase funding for public education and boost health care.

    As a result, the Minnesota Senate just passed a bill that raises an additional $1.8 billion over the next two years by increasing income taxes on the top 7 percent of earners, extending sales taxes to clothing and personal services and raising cigarette taxes. The bill would also provide $327 million in state aid for the Mayo Clinic's $6 billion "Destination Medical Center" project.

    It will be interesting to follow the two states over the next several years and see if either approach leads to more jobs, higher wages and a better quality of life for citizens.

    Thursday, May 02, 2013

    Remember while many Christians and "Christians" were deceived into supporting these neo-con candidates - even Clergy members - this blog consistently warned you against supporting these Zionist controlled neo-cons.

    Rep. Paul Ryan now supports gay adoption

    GOP Rep. Paul Ryan reportedly has changed his views and now says he believes gay couples should be able to adopt children....

    I also was informed that today the zio-trash neocon Charlie Sykes was on the radio today saying that a "church" was wrong to prevent a pro-homosexual sports personality from speaking at their church unless he first apologized for supporting a homosexual pervert that "came out" and left his wife!

    I have tried and tried to expose what these people truly are and that voting is a complete waste of time.  I have lost friends over it and have seen sides of people I never thought existed.