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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hitler’s nephew begged FDR to let him enlist to fight uncle, letter shows

The nephew of Adolf Hitler sent a letter begging President Franklin D. Roosevelt to allow him to enlist in the U.S. military to fight his uncle's "devilish and pagan regime."

"I am the nephew and only descendant of the ill-famed Chancellor and Leader of Germany who today so despotically seeks to enslave the free and Christian peoples of the globe," William Patrick Hitler wrote in the letter, dated March 3, 1942. "All my relatives and friends soon will be marching for freedom and decency under the Stars and Stripes. For this reason, Mr. President, I am respectfully submitting this petition to you to enquire as to whether I may be allowed to join them in their struggle against tyranny and oppression."...

What a load of crap!  Hitler was not a pagan, he was fighting those who "enslaved free and Christian peoples of the globe" - namely the Jewish Communists and their dupes!

Isn't it odd that they keep bringing this 70 year old stuff to the front page of the news?  Think about it!

1 comment:

M.C. said...

I thought just the same thing
about how THIS is turned
into huge news, when
there should be articles
investigating all the standard
myths of these years.

But no, if it doesn't serve
the agenda of you-know-who's,
it will never appear in
the American "news" = LIES,
MANIPULATIONS, nothing else.

Only Our Lady can defeat all this.