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Monday, July 16, 2012

It is getting bad out there folks....

I live in a very small town and know all of the police on a somewhat personal basis - ie: i know their wives, their parents, their grandparents, etc...

One of my daughter's who is 16 works part time at a pizza shop in our town.  The store was broken into and robbed late last night,  The burglar is on film and we saw the video - it is clearly a man wearing a mask and gloves and obviously not my daughter.

Anyhow - my daughter received a phone call and was asked to go to the police station and I went with her.

When we got there there was the usual small town small talk - "Hi Ken, how's the family - I see you have been busy at work...." As he is talking to me he is putting latex gloves on and opening a package with a long cotton swab in it.

I knew where this was going and I asked if he was planning on getting a DNA sample from my daughter and he said yes.  I replied that that was not going to happen.

He then explained that she was not a suspect and that they just wanted to eliminate the DNA of all the employees to try and determine the suspects DNA.

I said that I would not allow my daughter's DNA to be taken without a warrant.  He then said that he would get a subpoena for it, to which I replied: "Do what you must but that I would not allow it voluntarily".

He then looked me right in the eye and asked: "So you are not going to help us with our investigation", and I said that I would help in any way possible, short of giving my daughter's DNA.

He then said: "Fine, if that is how you want to play it, wait till you call us for help - see what  happens!"

they then played good cop/bad cop crap trying to convince me to allow them to take her DNA - but I held firm and refused.

now I am worried that I will be harassed - but there is no way that I was going to allow them to take her DNA.


Pioquinto said...

We have to learn to defend ourselves. I am thinking of buying a handgun.

M.C. said...

Scary that they were so
aggressive about the dna sample -

The whole idea is repulsive.

Good for you for politely but
firmly refusing on behalf of your

A side note : beware of the
new serious problem, MRSA,
which is never mentioned in the media but any time one goes into
a clinic or hospital, or
has some blood taken or anything like this, one is at risk.

Use lavender essential oil, or
a few others like Benchmark Thyme,
to avoid serious problems when near
any medical procedure.

Joaquin said...

You did the right thing Ken. Who knows where that DNA profile will end up had you allowed this?

If they want to "eliminate" your daughter's DNA from the scene that should be easy enough. It is simple to distinguish a male's DNA from a female's.