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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is spot on! 

A friend of mine works for a large manufacturing company.  He is paid a wage that is not livable, save for overtime, which he works every bit he can possibly work.  He is one of the longtime employees that is at the higher wage scale.  The new employees are being paid $8.00 an hour to start - barely over minimum wage.  The health coverage is horrible - huge deductibles (over $5,000.00 a year per family, $3000.00 per individual) and my friend pays over $150.00 PER WEEK out of his pay check toward his health insurance!

He showed me a shareholders report for his company - they made almost a billion dollars in profits and were bragging about the nearly 18% dividends that their shareholders received!

Yet - in this wonderfully profitable non-union company here in Wisconsin - over 50% of the workers are on Badger Care - which is taxpayer funded health care for people who cannot afford health insurance!

This is basically the taxpayers subsidising what a company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year in profits should be providing for their employees - not to mention a living wage!

But you hear these idiots all the time complaining that in today's day and age we dont' need unions - yea right - because we are all being paid soooo well and get such great benefits without unions!


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