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Friday, June 22, 2012

Starving Greeks queue for food in their thousands as debt-wracked country finally forms a coalition government... but how long will it last?

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The Greek people didn't create this crisis: it was created for them by a collusion of Goldman Sachs and the former Premiere Papandreou.

In short, Goldman converted ten billion dollars of Greek debt that had been purchased with U.S. dollars and Japanese yen into debt that could be repaid in Euros. However, in creating this “currency swap”, they used a fictitious value for the Euros which lowered the reported amount of Greek debt by billions. The structure enabled Greece to owe billions to Goldman in a currency deal without having to report it to the European Union as a loan, which is clearly what it was. Turns out using the Alice in Wonderland value for the Euro wasn’t illegal, just deceptive as hell. Having cut the deal, Goldman’s covert loan needed to be paid. Greed never sleeps. And since the faux currency swap was not officially a loan, Goldman had to have some way to get repaid other than “loan payments”. To wit, the pirates of pinstripe go on a Hellenic treasure hunt and wind up commandeering the rights to a few of the country’s income-producing crown jewels — airport fees, the national lottery and toll road income. Pericles, where are you?

Former crooked members of Goldman Sachs and former - and present - crooked Greek politicians should be tried, and put in jail for a very, very long time as a lesson for others to never, ever do this again to the Greek people., and the odious debt should be repudiated.

When Iceland went through this kind of situation, that is precisely what they did, and now Iceland is on a very firm economic footing.

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oregoncoug said...

There is a clear pattern of guilt here. Think about it: If the poor in Greece were Jewish, our Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con neighbors would be utterly horrified and falling all over themselves to help any such Greeks. But because the Greek victims of Jewish Wall Street & the Jewish City of London are mere Gentile Christians, they are simply hated and considered to deserve only death and worse.

Then there are the REAL evil consequences of Jewish falsehoods like Darwinism. Because our Neo-Liberal neighbors believe in the irrational absurdities of Charles Darwin, they also think that "we're all Jews now anyway." Magical "evolution" at work, or so they imagine. Because a small minority of Americans have married Jews, most white Americans believe that "we're all as good as Jewish already," essentially because "Charles Darwin tells me so."

Most white Americans think that the magic "mutations" of "natural selection" are breaking out all over and making us all over into eternally happy contented children of the Talmud. In plain laymen's language, this is not different from saying that most of our fellow white Americans are also "horses' asses." They believe whatever they WANT to believe and their true guilt grows accordingly.

As long as the mass of white Americans continue to believe in whatever the Jews tell them rather than in what Our Lord Jesus Christ tells them, they will continue their gleeful descent into extinction and well-deserved eternal damnation. Our task as Roman Catholics is not to accompany them there.