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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More proof that the Church is right on even things many consider trivial.

The world would have you believe that a "vegan" or "vegetarian" diet is healthy and good for you and that meat is not only immoral, but unhealthy. 

These ideas were condemned by two Councils of the Church:

Creed of the Council of Toledo - AD400

"If anyone says or believes that the flesh of birds or of animals, which has been given for food, not only ought to be abstained from for the chastising of the body, but ought to be abhorred, let him be anathema"

aslo from the Council of Pelegius - AD 579-590

"If anyone considers the foods of the flesh unclean, which God has given for the use of men; and not for the affliction of his body, but as if he thought it unclean, so abstains from these that he does not taste vegetables cooked with meats, just as Manichaeus and Priscillian have said, let him be anathama"

These two councils cleary state that anyone who thinks that eating meat should be abhorred or that it is bad for your health in and of itself are "anathama" - seperated from God and His Church.

Now more news is out about how unhealthy these vegan diets are:

Eating Vegan Diet Bad for Your Heart?

Don't forget this relatively recent report as well:

Going veggie shrinks the brain,23739,24336544-23272,00.html


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