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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Big shock - the networks are calling Walker a winner less than one hour after the polls are closed - after all exit polls show a dead tie, and before a single district has turned in any official results. This election is too big in the bringing down of the American people to leave it to the will of the people - Walker will win and the attack on the middle class will begin like it has never been in our lifetime - welcome to financial hell folks - it is right around the corner - your wages and benefits are going to go down the toilet and you will be reduced to slavery. This video is a prime example of what is happening here in Wisconsin tonight:

Btw - I do not endorse or support the religious teachings of the makers of this video - but they are spot on regarding elections in America.

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Pope St. Felix III said...

Funny - the same state - Wisconsin that voted by majority for Obama - suddenly votes by majority for Walker - if you beleive this nonsense - I have a bridge for sale