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Monday, May 21, 2012

This is  hysterical - the most liberal Communist newspaper in the United States - so freakin' liberal that they will  not even allow the sale of guns in their classifieds is endorsing Scott Walker - and the moronic neocons still think this guy is a conservative.  This is awesome - the neocons and the Milwaukee Urinal are on the same page!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Scott Walker

In a blow to Democrats hoping to unseat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a June 5 recall election, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has endorsed the Republican governor over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D).


Sancta Cecelia said...

Because they know he's going to win - works for them to be on the side of 'a winner' ?? Well, that's just my take on it.

Pope St. Felix III said...

Really - wow - that is brilliant - were they on the side of Tommy Thompson? Ronald Reagan? George Bush? Can you name any Republican other than this communist Scott Walker that the Milwuakee Urinal endorsed? I cannot think of one in my lifetime.