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Sunday, May 27, 2012

check out this Jewish forum

Here are a few of the comments on it made by Jews about gentiles "goy"

There's a Shul in Boro Park, whose Rov spoke on Yom Tov about how Goyim will clean our shoes after Moshiach comes, and other such lowly tasks, with Goyim caretakers listening closely.

I was thinking these statements, made in English, were not much worse than other racist remarks heard regularly from non-Jewish preachers, and criticized by us.

I walked home sickened.

On a similar vein, I was thinking that if G-d wants us to rejoice in the humiliation of non Jews, then after Yetzias Mitzraim, after the Mitzriim caused us much pain and degradation, we were nevertheless scolded by Hashem "Maasei Yodai Tovlim Bayom v'Atem Omrim Shira, teaching us how we have to relate to Maasei Hashem, other nations.

The Rov shlita is correct! And the goyim will do so willingly and happily, so even they will WANT to do all that to serve G-d.

Being the President's shoe polisher is a royal honor. Being the Prince's doorman is a royal privilege.

The goyinm will be fighting over which of them gets the royal honor of serving G-d's children in any capacity.

And the whole entire world will by then acknowledge Klal Yisroel are G-d's children, and everyone will want to help facilitate them serving Hashem in every possible way.

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