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Saturday, April 07, 2012

One Politician has it right:

"The working people are the backbone of our military and the preservation of an efficient working class in numerical proportion to the total population constitutes the pillar of this nations policy.  Agriculture must be protected by tariffs and state regulation of imports.  The fixing of prices for agricultural produce and other products, like gasoline must be withdrawn from the influence of stock exchange speculation, and a stop must be put to exploitation of farmers and blue collar workers by large middlemen and corporations.  The high taxation cannot be met out of the poor returns for labor on the land or in the factory.  The farmer and blue collar worker is forced to run into debt and pay usurious interest on loans.  He sinks deeper and deeper under this tyranny, and in the end forfeits his house and farm to the money-lenders."

He has my vote!

any ideas who it is?


Joaquin said...

William Jennings Bryant

Pope St. Felix III said...

Actually this is a very slightly revised speech given by Adolf Hitler in 1930 - things have not changed much