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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mormon Smith’s Many Wives, Presidential Run: Lewis Lapham

It is not clear how many wives Mormon founder Joseph Smith married under divine commandment --some estimates put the number at 30...

Just a few facts about what Momanism (aka LDS) teaches still today.

Jesus and Satan are brothers.

When you die you will become a god and have your own planet that you will be the god of.

When you die you are buried in sacred underwear and wearing sacred underwear in this life can protect you.

There is no Mormon worthy of the Presidency.  Voting for a Mormon would be akin to voting for a Branch Davidian, a Moonie, or a Jehovah Witness, etc...

Mormanism is a cult - and a murderous one at that - actually murdering far more poeple than Charlie Manson's cult!

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